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CombatMobElite 32J'Gorm
Water Faceless One - Abyssal Maw
Title <Jethro's Corrupted Form>
Gender Male
Race Human (Faceless One)
Level 79 Elite
Health 7,700,100
Mana 6,166,000
Affiliation Old Gods
Position Leader of the Faceless Insurgency (Currently), King of Terro'Dorah (Formerly)
Location The Royal Quarter, Terro'Dorah
Status Deceased (Lore), Killable(Conthus1997's Roleplay)
Shadowbane Disclaimer

J'Gorm <Jethro's Corrupted Form> is the final boss of The Battle for Terro'Dorah. J'Gorm is the Leader of the Faceless Insurgency; players must kill him to free the Shadowbane's from the Old God's Grip and Reclaim Terro'Dorah.


His death is the objective of the following quests:


  • [Chaotic Strike]—Cuts the Target for about 91204-10438 Shadow Damage, Inflicts Rend Damage & stacks on a Sunder Armor Point
  • [Shadow Bolt] 20 yd range— 1 sec cast. 52828-31673 Shadow Damage. Only cast when the tank is outside of melee range in phase 1, in soulstorm phase he ceases to attack with melee abilities.
  • [Soul Shed]—Strangulates the Party & Permanently Drains nearly 25 percent of a Player's Main Health, Using a trick Right Click on the De-Buff, A player can save their hard earned total health
  • Insanity—At around 66 and 33 percent health, J'Gorm becomes invulnerable and applies a debuff to the entire party. Similar in nature to phasing, each individual member sees hostile copies of their original party. Clones have about 4k hp each and must all be killed. Once an individual player's copies are dead, you lose the Insanity debuff and can begin assisting other members to kill their own hostile clones. In heroic, your copies have 12k hp
  • [Fear]—Fears an enemy for 3 sec.


During the Begining of the Fight, J'Gorm uses Area of Effect Damage, Its Clever to stay back & Assist Marcco in taking care of the Additional Trash Mobs.

J'Gorm yells:! All this work, The wasted time...I can Never get back! I will Kill you Mortals...I will kill you all for this test of power!

J'Gorm Joins the Battle!

At this point, Your DPS should cut from attacking the adds and turn on J'Gorm, Providing that J'Gorm hits for over a million damage on Cloth Wearers, its the more wiser thing to Let Conthus Tank him. The Tank at this point should immediately switch to DPS Gear, & DPS Spec. Due to Conthus taking alot of Damage, The Healer should mainly focus on him. This means the second that the Boss Emote saying that J'Gorm is about to use an Area of Effect Ability [None are Listed Above], Melee DPS should rush toward the exit to leave range.

As long as you use your strongest rotation, and use the normal hit & run tactic, and make sure you beat your time limit of 8-10 minutes, You should be fine.


Prelude to Aggro
  • Welcome to your future -- what little there is left of it...
  • Such power! Can you not feel it, mortals? Cease this foolishness and join me!
  • I will not fail! Not again!
  • I cannot hold... Destabilizing...
  •! all this work! the wasted time...I can never get back! I will kill you mortals...I will kill you all for this test of power!
Killing a player
  • Another soul to strengthen the masters!
  • You were no match to my power anyway!
  • You should have listened...
  • Maniacle Cackling
Conthus is Killed
  • J'Gorm yells: Hahaha...ITS THE END MORTALS!
Everyone is teleported outside as Conthus falls to the ground dying

Conthus says: Nooo!

Conthus slips into Death


  • Violent Gaging noises.

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