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HordeNPCElite 32Helliwenda Shadowbane
Spiteful temptress
Title <Right Hand Demoness>
Gender Female
Race Succubus (Demon)
Level  ?? Elite
Character class Seductive Rogue (RPG), Demonology Succubus (WoW)
Health 8952K
Mana 5578K
Location Horde Territories, Usually Nearby Conthus
Status Alive
Relative(s) Any Succubus with the Suffix "Wen"
Mentor(s) Queen of Suffering
Shadowbane Disclaimer

Helliwenda Shadowbane is the Right Hand Succubus Minion of Conthus Shadowbane and the Watcher of the Horde's Progression

Like Bryneri, She is In-Love with Conthus and competing with Female adventurers for Attention


Of all the Succubi in the Universe, Helliwenda was the only one true to her race- She stole souls to sustain herself, and does so by "forcing herself onto mortals in their sleep" (Euthamism for Rape). Her Beauty and Power over mortals seemed to be close to that of the Queen of Suffering herself, and as a Result, at the premotion to Maiden of Pain was brought in as the 2nd member of The 4 Succubi of Impending Chaos. and for Centuries mortals have waken up to their loved ones stripped and lifeless.

However, This was about to change. As The Queen sent 2 Succubi to go deal with some man named Conthus. They Failed Horribly. One worked for him, One Wanted to.

The Queen said "Helliwenda, I need you for this one, He needs to be asleep and he needs to wake up a corpse."


As Helliwenda sent off to Attack Conthus, She learned one thing...He was only a Heavy sleeper when someone actually tries to wake him up. Out of no where, He began to move with her and then made a pinning move to keep her from escaping, Acting like someone was about to stab him. Then said his fearful quote- "I'm awake..." as Helliwenda Struggled for freedom, Instantly Conthus tried to Tempt her and Helliwenda said "I won't listen! The Queen told me not to!" and he said "Perhaps you'll listen to this" and after a Verbal temption should we call it, And a Night of Debauchery. Helliwenda had failed, She was tempted now. And Conthus said "You could show yourself out now" and She refused, Demanding to stay.

This was a Major Failure as Her Attack was disrupted and he tempted her in a way non-vocal, And at the end of it all Helliwenda was stuck wanting to serve him instead.


  • Like Most Twin NPC's, She is a Horde Counterpart
  • Helliwenda is an Horde Counterpart of Bryneri
  • This is the most clean version of Retelling how Helliwenda changed sides

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