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War of The Destructive, Second Burning Legion Invasion, The Stand of Destruction
March of the Legion2
Place: Outland, Azeroth, Uncharted Regions in Azeroth
Outcome: Tactical Conthus Shadowbane + Burning Legion + Azerothian Defender Victories, Survival of Azeroth, Death of Daraknis Destostorm & Damaged Entry into Black Temple & The Sunwell
  • Conthus
  • Champions of Destostorm †
  • Legion of Devilis [Formerly Army of Diablos] †
  • Defenders of Azeroth †
  • Burning Legion
  • Conthus Shadowbane
  • Adventurers
  • Daraknis †
  • Illidari
  • Devilis †
  • Devilis' Forces †
  • General Jonathan Marcus †
  • Argent Supporters †
  • Scarlet Supporters †
  • Alliance Supporters †
  • Horde Supporters †
  • Kil'jaedan
  • Sargeras
  • Burning Legion
  • Illidari






Shadowbane Disclaimer

((Under Construction))

Prelude, Shadows of Doom Edit

Peace offering of the Damned Edit

Daraknis Destostorm, The Man of The Shadow Edit

Once his eyes were opened, Conthus Shadowbane found a Warlock Armored Necromancer looking down at him, Once his vision came to, Conthus realised this was the same figure he saw that rescued him when he was last consious. After a conversation the Undead man explained his name was Daraknis Destostorm

((under construction still))

Effects of Corruption Edit

Working with the Mortal Races Edit

Hour of Judgement Edit

Invasion of the Legion Edit

Daraknis Request: Betrayal of the Races Edit

Devilis Hour of Need Edit

The Dark Wand of Corrupt Desires Edit

Death of Devilis & The Newcommers of the Burning Legion Edit

Dark Peg Pulling Edit

General Marcus' Secret: The Crystal of Shadows Edit

Death of Marcus & the Defenses Destroyed Edit

The Truth Edit

Sabatoge Edit

Black Temple's Control Edit

Confrontation Edit

Defeat of Daraknis Edit

Daraknis' Return Edit

Corruption of A'dal, Invasion of Shattrath City Edit

Legion's Tretchery, Sargeras' Betrayal Edit

Power Restored Edit

Final Confrontation Edit

The Death of Daraknis Edit

Corruptions Take Over Edit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

Stand of Destruction has been adapted in 3 different forms, Connor made a Prototype 2 hour Machinima movie, Book, & Game. Yet due to Un-popular demand, None have been finished, The only thing released was a video telling the story

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