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This article is a player character biography page created by Conthus1997. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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NeutralNPC 32Dark Highlord Conthus T. Shadowbane
Conthus Lich King Replacement Fanfic Fight
Title The Dark One, The End of Life, The Argent Champion, The Immortal, The Betrayer, The Necro Prince
Gender Male
Race Half-night elf
Level  ?? Rare Elite (Boss)
Character class Dark Warrior, Death Knight, Warlock
Affiliation Independent (Constantly)

Alliance, Horde, Argent Crusade, Scourge (Currently) Highborne, Old Gods, Burning Legion, Illidari, Orcish Hordes, Argent Dawn (Formerly)

Location Random points in Azeroth & Outland, Icecrown Citadel, Maelstrom (Main Zones), Sceadu'Mercia (The Blackbane Isle)
Status Alive, Immortal
Relative(s) Marconiss Shadowbane (Father), Hiawatha Shadowbane (Mother), Daraknis Destostorm, Brandius Shadowbane, Nicholas Shadowbane (Brothers), Conni Shadowbane, Brenda Shadowbane (Sisters), Blackbane Family, Nightbane Family (Cousins)
Alignment Chaotic evil (Cataclysm), Lawful evil (End of Wrath), Lawful good (WoW-BC), Chaotic neutral (Else)

This article is fan fiction

The contents here in are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Shadowbane Disclaimer

((For The Character's OCC Info, & -Unfinished- IC Info, & A Few other things, See User:Conthus1997, If you have A Problem with Conthus, Just say something on the Poll on the OCC page))

Were You Looking for his RP Character Form? See User:Conthus1997/Conthus Shadowbane the Unknown One

Were You looking for his Cataclysm Guise? See User:Conthus1997/Conthusdamus de'Shadical

Conthus is pronounced [Khan-Tha-us] or [Khan-Thoose] in foreign languages

Conthus Shadowbane (Refered to as Connor/Connu in old adventures) is a Half-Elf teenager born in 1997 B.C. (Before Cenarius,) who leads the more exciting side of the average adventurer, Usually his tales are considered too good to be true (See: Mary Sue) but are more exciting then just sitting around, talking and questing all day.

Creation of Conthus Edit

Creation, Gift of the Old Gods (Origin) Edit

Following in the wake of the Evolution of the Titans and there seperation from the 5 old gods who created them, some of the first to evolve became the mortal races on azeroth we know, but in early stages. After a long time, Some Became Humans. within these early stages the 3 families of Blackbane were created, The 3 were called as such: Blackbane (Origins), Nightbane (Patriotic decendents), Shadowbane (The Cousins to the Nightbanes)

With the Evolution to the mortal races still in progress, the old gods who were betrayed attempted to keep contact with the races, Most of these can be refered to by the second old god Yogg-Saron

As proven over the years, The Old gods gained control of there jailers. but they had to build it up, entering the minds of the races they bore, and creating those that could carry out the deeds of the old gods desires...

The 3 Families of Blackbane were themselves strong adventurers, some were fighters, some were explorers, and some were conquerers. in this case, everyone in the Shadowbane family had each profession. Marconiss Shadowbane (refered to as Razielos & Marcco) traveled with family and friend through the original Kalimdor and as a result, these few first human groups met the Kal'dorei, or simply Night Elves

After the long years of friendship between the 2 races, many things were shared, Land, Armies, Immortality Sources (See Nordrassil,) and even relationships. as a backfire, the decendents from the Shadowbane family from then on became Half-Elves. Its not needed to be said how. but from this Conthus Shadowbane & his Brothers and Sisters were created. yet with the confusion of the races, the youngest of the group, Conthus...had powers no man could explain. and as the case went cold and conthus was being raised... The 5 old gods laughed in the face of those who locked them up in there own kingdoms

Story Summary Edit

Need a Lowdown? READ.

Conthus Shadowbane was born 1997 B.C. on the Summit of Hyjal, Conthus was born to be a Normal adventurer like all of you but was then realised to have had a soul forged by the Old Gods. Conthus is still a normal adventurer, but is now there for every piece of lore and is able to do things most of you PROBABLY could, but does it in a much more epic overpowered fashion. He has the power to do things only a Group of adventurers can but that just makes him all the more stronger.

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Conthus has used his abilities for good and became a Royal Guard back in the old days, But eventually was dealt the Card of Evil. Conthus works with the Bad Guys in the War of the Ancients such as Neltharion, Illidan, & Sargeras but as expected and foretold, Betrays Sargeras and after a duel which ended in a tie, the Portal is Destroyed locking out the Burning Legion and leading the Transforming Kal'Dorei to Banish Conthus back to Sceadu'Mercia, A Fanfiction Island where the Titan Decending Family of Blackbane lived for generations. A few times Conthus would sneak out and assist former allies and the Evolving races during a few pieces of lore leading up to the 10,000 years after the Sundering

WCOnH logo 16x48 This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (aka Warcraft I).

Conthus opening Portals to access different zones from the Blackbane Isle, Ended up in the Land of Draenor and had met the Orcs, The Orcs accepted him when he explained the situation, The Orcs seemed to have a Connection to know who he is. After some explination, They Gained Contact with a Guardian who if hypnotized by Their Leader could open a Portal back to Azeroth. Following the Death of King Llane, Orgrim Doomhammer and Conthus talked and had an understanding of the threat ahead and betrayed Blackhand, Splitting the Orcish Hordes into the Horde and Dark Horde.

WC2BnE logo 16x42 This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft II.

6 years of Preperation afterwords, Orgrim, & Conthus had charged into North Eastern Azeroth towards Lordaeron, Conthus had begun to suspect the Horde's Cunningness, and the Alliance's Honor could be good with strength and combat for whats best during hardships, Conthus had tryed to work for both Factions but if got difficult as he was brought back into a Darker version of the Horde thanks to A Shaman who reconized him immediately. Following working for a Darker Faction with People he already knew. He gained New Allies and was brought to open portals to the rest of the world outside the Dark Beyond, Only to be Seperated when Kil'Jaedan captured them to test the "Death Knight" Theory. Changing Conthus into a Champion Shadow Knight, And Ner'zhul into the King of Death Knights. And as a Result, got them sent back to Azeroth

WC3RoC logo 16x32 This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft III.

Returning to Azeroth, The Shadow Knight, Conthus Shadowbane Realised that his allies still needed him and he had done a part in History he barely remembered. Assisting the New Pure Orcs and Humans, Conthus had found himself in Human Ranks along side His Six friends he hasn't seen in some time. Sadly, this Reconected him to some Darkness in the Past, Brining him back to the Scourge of Ner'zhul, Demons of the Legion, and so forth. After a Month over seas, Conthus' Shadow Knight Abilities were used for the Scourge, Given a Runeblade and being permitted to "Borrow" Another one ((Roflmao)). Conthus had worked along side the New Arthas to destroy humanity...But later on Conthus learned the Demons that the Scourge served...Were Sargeras' Demons, But to his Luck, His new pal "Archimonde" Who Arthas seemed to dispise, proved useful in breaking the Scourge from the Legion. Eventually Conthus began to reconize Archimonde as the Eredar from the War before, and as a result, Conthus got the Courage to tell Arthas about a Down on his luck elf with the taste for power. And said "let the chips fall where they may" And has helped Every Good or "Evil" faction in the Third War and After it.

WoW Icon 16x16 This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

3 Years after Conthus assisted the Scourge to get to the Frozen Throne, Conthus had been resting in Azeroth for some time, but when Tensions between the Horde and Alliance began again, Conthus had fought to keep peace. Alongside his 2 Friends Jaden Shadowsong and Brandius Shadowbane. Conthus had to deal with the main quests an adventurer would have normally. but in an epic way and having him take credit. Eventually though Darkness started to corrupt him again when C'Thun returned. And after C'thuns death it damaged Conthus a little bit. But he tryed to redirect his pain and semi-madness and eventually had to move on

Bc icon This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade.

At the Call of the Dark Portal, Conthus went into outland once again doing what adventurers would, And had fought to get to a stronger level. However Following his reaching of level 70, Conthus had to deal with one last issue, Taking down whats left of the Current Legion and then the "Stranger Occurences" Caused by his Brother Daraknis Destostorm. Resulting in the Casualties of Kil'Jaedan, General Jonathan Marcus, Devilis, and Daraknis himself. After trying to Reunite the Horde and Alliance again, his Friends in Conthus Crew changed and Marius, Remus, and Remus' Brother had killed him in Gurubashi Arena (FOOTNOTE: Conthus dies in horrible ways, This was proven due to how his first death here was by Cuban- Or I mean, Kezan Necktie).

Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.

Following 20 min - 6 hours after his Death, Arthas/Ner'zhul trying to repay Conthus for assistance, Brought him back to life as a full on Death Knight. For what happened as a Death Knight see Conthus' Death Knight Days of Fall-ing into your grave. And after being betrayed by Baron Rivendare and Orbaz Bloodbane, Being treated like a Mob/Mafia movie situation, The Lich King instantly assumed the New guy who was the bigger friend was the bad guy. and Banished him into Outland (Where a side story for the Series ASV began) Until Conthus killed Illidan. It was only until he arrived in Northrend that he realised he was kicked out of the Scourge, and as a Result, The war against the lich king had gotten its newest fighter. After 2.5 long years, Conthus lead a group of Friends into the Icecrown Citadel (After the Ex-Ally Guild from the First Movie actually investigated Halls of Reflection in FOTLK 1 the Comedy movie to start off the seriousness), to Fight against the Lich King, After the Long Battle, Conthus took the Fight to continue himself after the rest of the adventurers were prematurely killed at 10% health, Conthus dealt with Arthas himself, before Tiron could shatter Frostmourne, Conthus Knocked Tirion Down and Grabed the Ashbringer temporarily reverting it to Its Darker Form, And Stunned Arthas with it, Snagging Frostmourne before The Lich King could regain movement, To Which Conthus Threw the Ashbringer back to Tirion, and Pieced the Lich King in the Throat with his own blade. As the Lich King Permanently Died, Bolvar, Tirion, and Conthus argued over the Helmet of Domination. Conthus told them that the Helmet could only be worn by one as dark as it, and it can't be A Man too obsessed with life, or an Emo Burning Corpse who's best job was an advisor And Decided to Roll on it

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Like most People, A Few Azerothians thought once the Lich King was Dead all the Loose Ends would be Tied. So that left one more villian to kill... Conthus Shadowbane, has commited a series of crimes over the years, but none is more greater (Sorta)...Than Spawning abunch of Madmen to tell his Crack-Pot Backstory.

Several Adventurers planned an Attack on the Shadowbane Families that was a Complete Succuess, With Most Members of Blackbane, Shadowbane, & Nightbane Dead. The One they Didn't Kill was Conthus. When Conthus awoke from his abduction and ran back to go save his friends and family, He Tried to get some local guards to follow him yet none of them would help

Conthus finally got back to his family to realise it was practically all gone...Barely Any Members Left. After a Long time of entering Sorrow, he was Contacted by his only other Sad and Mad Friend in the World, Neltharion the Warder of Earth. And to Great suprise, A Telepathic Conversation was to the Explination that Neltharion and Conthus were not So Different (I Heard it too, Shut up!). Neltharion said that if Conthus and a Few other War Buddies could do they're part to aid him in vengeance in the future, Nel could let Conthus stay in the Shadows till he finishes the world that betrayed him

Conthus joined up with Cho'gall becoming Apart of the Twilight's Hammer Cult until Cho'gall could get Deathwing Freed. And within a matter of weeks the mission was a Success and Conthus had acompanied the two to reunite with several other destructive forces to make a Legion of Pure Evil Masterminds, *Dry Maniacle Laugh*

(Under Contruction)

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