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Death Knight Tensions
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Conflict: Wrath of the Lich King
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Place: Lordaeron & Northrend
Outcome: Conthus Shadowbane Tactical Victory, Way Paved for The Fall of the Lich King, Deaths of Orbaz Bloodbane & Baron Rivendare

Betrayed Scourge

Undead Scourge


Conthus Shadowbane

Orbaz Bloodbane


Conthus Shadowbane

Orbaz Bloodbane


~Various Undead and Living

~Every Defending Force, Baron Rivendare & Orbaz Bloodbane

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Conthus' Banishment and the Death Knight Tensions is an On Going battle with the Scourge Death Knights, Adventurer Death Knights, & Ebon Death Knights. It takes place 2 years before the Cataclysm and Ends 6 Months before the Fall of the Lich King.

The Death Knight Tensions are Started during The Lich King's Awareness of the Ashbringer's Prescence, Orbaz's Envy, & The Un-awareness of specific Death Knights.

The Ashbringer's Prescene Edit

Conthus Shadowbane, Friend or Fiend Edit

Lies Edit

The Lich King's Test Edit

Bribary and Banishment of Conthus Edit

Vengeance Edit

Manhunt: Rivendare Edit

Manhunt: Bloodbane Edit

Aftermath of the Death Knight Tensions Edit

Due to the Tretchery of the two Iconic Death Knights that got Conthus "Gkicked" From the Scourge, Conthus was forced to work with the good guys yet again to take out the Scourge for beleving 2 Self-Ruling arrogant Raid Bosses word over the Loyal Champion Child's Word. As a Result, Orbaz Bloodbane was Killed And Baron Rivendare was killed just after he got his promotion. The Lich King was also Killed and from it, The Purgo Undead was Born.

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