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AllianceNPCElite 32Bryneri Shadowbane
Maiden of Pain
Title <The Left hand Demoness>
Gender Female
Race Succubus (Demon)
Level  ?? Elite
Character class Emotional Temptress (RPG), Affliction Succubus (WoW)
Health 8632K
Mana 7344K
Location Alliance Territories
Status Alive
Relative(s) Any Succubus with the Suffix "Neri"
Mentor(s) Queen of Suffering
Shadowbane Disclaimer

Bryneri Shadowbane is the Left Hand Succubus Minion of Conthus Shadowbane and the Watcher of the Alliance's Progression

Like Helwen, She is In-Love with Conthus and competing with Female adventurers for Attention


Bryneri was once a Dark Emotion Praying Succubus, She had no ties to any demon cult but was mostly working as a Faction to Serve the Queen of Suffering, She and 3 Other Succubi had there own group, Called "The 4 Succubi of Impending Chaos" and was to help the Succubi Claim souls, Her Role being to pray on the Hopeless Romantics, To Lead them into her cold hands to steal there soul using there own need for love

The Heartless one/RecruitmentEdit

After a Long time of Servering, Bryneri was Requested for the Most Difficult of Missions, She was to Watch Over a Boy with the Loving Aura of their targets, But the Resistence to Charms that they've never seen before. The Queen of Suffering had even said if Bryneri failed the mission, She'd need to attempt to Trick the target.

As Bryneri Followed, She Noticed the boy Now realised to be Conthus, was gathering special supplies, including Gromsblood, Peacebloom, Giant Silver Vein, & A Root of Heartswood. And Managed to Craft it into a Potion.

Following him, Conthus made a Summoning circle and poored the waters from the potion into the center. Instantly bringing Bryneri into his realm, Bryneri grabbed her whip out of confusion, fear, and shock, but before she could make a move, She was grabbed and silenced. after a bit of mentalic manipulation, Bryneri felt somehow changed, Lost her Loyal mind to the Queen of Suffering, and was given to Conthus.


  • Like Most Twin NPC's, She is an Alliance Counterpart
  • Bryneri is an Alliance Counterpart of Helliwenda, with a Cuter name

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