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The Battle for Terro'Dorah
Conflict: The Old Gods, & Sceadu'Mercia
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Place: Terro'Dorah, Sceadu'Mercia
Outcome: Shadowbane victory, Reclaiming of Terro'Dorah, Death of Jethro Blackbane
  • Champions of Shadowbane
  • Champions of Nightbane
  • Shadowbane soldiers
  • Nightbane soldiers



Severe, Family of Blackbane

Shadowbane Disclaimer

The Battle for Terro'Dorah is the Bane version of Battle for the Undercity

Prelude, Corruption of the Bane Family Edit

With the Old God's Betrayal and forcing the Blackbane origin family into insanity + The Merging of the Realm of Shadows to the regular world within Sceadu'Mercia. Conquerering and Treason were in the minds of the rest of the cousins minds. After The Old gods made an example out of a few traitors. The Shadowbanes & Nightbanes rose up and took fought against their masters. Forcing them all back into the Capital city of Terro'Dorah.

The Battle Edit


Quest: The Battle for Terro'Dorah (Nightbane)

Quest: The Battle for Terro'Dorah (Shadowbane)

Aftermath Edit

With the 2 Traitors Killed, and the 5 old gods afraid to deal with the might of the un-corrupted 2 families thus leaving, all that was left was the confrontation of the 2 family warriors. As they found eachother, Conthus & Julius [The Equivalents from Shadowbane & Nightbane], Julius made a speech to Conthus right from his heart saying...How much he Hated him and wanted him murdered in a painful way. The Nightbanes were kicked out of Terro'Dorah and Conthus remained shocked at how a simple family battle blew up like that cause of Julius. Conthus left Terro'Dorah in Control of his Father & Grandmother. And like Julius, took some of the champions with him to go re-intoduce themselves around the world, Conthus could deal with other universes later.

(The Only Applicable Capitals at the end of the quests were those at the time for Human, Night Elf, High Elf, Half-Elf, Titan, & Faceless One. if your a different race then it will simply use the closest zone to it.]

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