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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Constance Eilsaadi Clearwater Swiftblade Official horde mini-icon Feathermoon IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 17 Blood Phoenix
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Blade of the Phoenix

Age: 23
Birthday: September 8
Birthplace: City of Lordaeron, in exile
Race: Half-elf (human/high elf)
Religious Affiliation: None

A player character who may be found on the Feathermoon Role Playing server.


Before her tenth birthday, Constance Clearwater, then the heir presumptive to the Clearwater Seat, one of the most prestigious noble houses in all Azeroth, suffered a cruel blow of fate. Her father, Lord Erick Clearwater, died of a vicious disease that stripped his strength and then his life. In the wake of his death, his lover, the elven ranger Fiannis Swiftblade, took her half-breed daughter and returned with her to Quel'thalas. The seat was proclaimed vacant by the young King.

Years passed. Young Constance became known by her Elven middle name, Eilsaadi. She grew up to be a proud warrior of the High Elf people. Then came the Burning Legion, and the Reign of Chaos began. Prince Arthas led his undead legions into Quel'Thalas. Fiannis and her fullblooded daughter, Lorasina, perished in the assault. Eilsaadi became a resistance fighter. Under the cruel command of Lord Garithos, she grew to hate the human race.

Eventually, it came to be her turn to die. She and her thin platoon of only two dozen elves were sent to guard a retreat. When the undead assaulted, she found herself face to face with the mindless banshee of her own mother. Screaming, she fainted.

She thought herself doomed for sure. When she awoke again, rather than the plagued Tirisfal Glades, she found herself in a park in the midst of Silvermoon! The city somehow lived again!

Slowly, Eilsaadi discovered the truth: Time had realigned itself underneath her. She had somehow avoided being shaped as the strands of time were ripped asunder and rewoven into new patterns. How it had changed, she knew not. But she would find out.

Recent HistoryEdit

A New Master: She has been trained to join the Blood Phoenix, as the assistant and lover of its leader, Quilandrius Suncaller. Her training stripped away her last vestige of humanity, and she now thinks of herself as a Blood Elf and only a Blood Elf. She is his Blade and Left Hand, as Sindareen D'Aquarius is his Right.

Wandering Warrior: After the death of Quilandrius' beloved sister Narra and her horrible resurrection as one of the mindless Scourge, Eilsaadi donned her cloak and walked from the Suncaller Estate, to discover herself in the world of battle, and to find the answer why Narra threw her life aside.

As Seen By Others Edit

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Family Edit

Constanz Clearwater Denselde, The version of Eilsaadi who is native to the present timeline. A Warrior.

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Blood Phoenix

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