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World of Warcraft: The Final Destruction of AzerothEdit

Deathwing has come and gone, but Azeroth is still not safe.

Deathwing and his henchmen planted giant bombs under the earth. 200 bombs in Northrend, Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Pandaria remains safe. When we journeyed to Pandaria, we did not keep watch on the other continents and while we were gone, the bombs blew! Kalimdor exploded into 3 small continents after the destruction, Eastern Kingdoms split in half into two separate continents. The islands off the coast of Northrend sunk, and Northrend got ripped into 11 islands and floated down towards the maelstrom. Pandaria's residents now have to mend Azeroth and try to help the surviving people. Death Knight starting area was ripped apart from Eastern Kingdoms and is now a seperate phased island, there is many visual changes and new quests. On one of the 11 islands of Northrend, there is new magic spreading and some of the people are catching it around Azeroth.


  • Two New Classes: Earthmender and Venomancer - Earthmender Is like an enhanced restoration druid, with healing spells and can summon the elements of Azeroth to heal, hurt or protect you or your enemies and allies. Venomancers can turn themselves into snakes, spit poison and can whip their tail in Snake Form to do AoE damage.
  • Two New Playable Races


Small Overview: The Tigerii are a race of half human and half tigers who hid in the caves around Stranglethorn Vale for centuries. When the Destruction of Azeroth came, the left their caves and seeked refugee at an Alliance Camp and there learned the ways of Alliance.


Small Overview: The Vakhini are a race of fish people, similar to the fish people in Pandaria, but with red,orange and yellow colours of skin and slightly different facial features, they resided in the waters between Elwynn Forest and Dun Morogh, in hiding. When the destruction came they got swept away and landed on the shores of one of the 11 islands and the Horde helped their race, so they learned the ways of the Horde and joined them.

Playable AreasEdit

Tigerii Starting AreasEdit

Vakhini Starting AreaEdit


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