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AllianceNPC 32Elaise Calpurnius
Gender Female
Race Human
Character class Rogue
Affiliation Alliance
Position Noblewoman
Location Unknown
Status Living
Relative(s) Lord Graevin Blackhammer, adopted uncle

Elaise Calpurnius Edit

Elaise is a Human noblewoman. She was born in Lordaeron to Sir Jonathan Calpurnius, Baron of Sheldon*, and Helen, a priestess of the Holy Light. Both of her parents are deceased.

  • Sheldon does not exist. It is referred to only in our writing as a small village of little note outside Stratholme, consisting of only a few farmers' crofts and a mill.

Description Edit

Elaise is in her early twenties. She has light red hair that she often wears pinned up in a bun, demurely covering the several earrings that she wears in both ears. She is most often seen wearing gowns appropriate for an unmarried woman of her age. She has an extensive menagerie of sometimes-dangerous pets and occasionally will take them out about town.

Personality Edit

Elaise is extremely conscious of social niceties and always will attempt to behave properly and respectfully, as she was taught by her mother and governess. However, she is strong-willed, independent, and something of a thrill-seeker.

OOC Trivia & RP Hooks Edit

  • Due to shrewd investments, Elaise is independently wealthy, despite having lost her family's land to the Scourge invasion. She is a philanthropist, sponsoring events, donating extensively to the Stormwind orphanage and the Cathedral of Light, and funding expeditions and research of all kinds.
  • When Elaise moved her household to Shattrath City, she learned the joys of high-speed flying. She quietly signed up with the Shattari Skyguard as a mercenary scout. To the despair of her household guards, she would often sneak away for a recon flight at the Skyguard's request. She has been injured more than once, though her finances ensured that she received the best possible healing, leaving no scars.
  • A few weeks before the Scourge invasion of Stormwind, Elaise's manor house in Stormwind was attacked and razed by a death knight. SI:7 investigated, but the investigation was quickly closed and the files locked away. This could be due to a security matter, or simply because Elaise has donated extensively to SI:7 as well.
  • Despite losing her father and lands to the Scourge, and despite the attack on her house in Stormwind, Elaise is welcoming and openly curious about death knights. She has even taken one death knight, Rogir Blackburn, into her household.
  • Elaise is unwed, having managed to avoid the normal noble pursuit of a "good marriage", despite the efforts of several noble matrons to play matchmaker.

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