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HordeNPC 32Ciarnat Azurelance
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Character class Warrior
Affiliation Horde, Alliance, Scarlet Crusade, other
Position Soldier, mercenary, bodyguard
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Derk Azurelance, father

Ciarnat Azurelance Edit

Ciarnat is a Forsaken Warrior. She was born in Lordaeron to a soldier, Derk Azurelance, and his wife, who died while Ciarnat was a baby.

Description Edit

Ciarnat is in her mid to late twenties. Her only vanity is her dark red-brown hair, usually worn long, pulled back in a tail. Unless injured or at an event that requires civilian dress, she always wears plate armor and carries a shield and one of several weapons, most often an axe or a sword.

History Edit

Ciarnat was born to Lt. Derk Azurelance, a soldier in the Lordaeron army, and to Derk's wife, who died soon after Ciarnat was born. Derk raised Ciarnat as best he could, leaving her with a nanny for her early years.

While Ciarnat was still young, Derk's commander, Jonathan Calpurnius, was knighted and granted a noble title for his heroism in battle. Derk asked for and received permission to leave military service and swear fealty to the new Baron Calpurnius, though both men continued their military service for Lordaeron.

Eventually, Ciarnat joined them, living in their encampments and running what errands she could. Her father taught her the basics of fighting and trained her to one day take over for him in the Baron's service. He often used her to run messages well behind the battle lines and was always careful to keep her out of danger, or so he thought.

It was during one such sweep that she was caught up by the fledgling Scarlet Crusade. She was quarantined to ensure that she did not carry the Plague of Undeath. The Crusade investigated her identity as well, and informed her that her father and Baron Calpurnius had both fallen in battle against the Scourge. After testing Ciarnat's skills, the Scarlet Crusade decided to continue training her in battle, as her father had begun.

She remained a warrior of the Scarlet Crusade for several years, first serving in their regular patrols, and later serving as the bodyguard to one of their Archmages in Hearthglen. In recognition of her service, the Archmage granted her his last name - Ashcroft - which she used for some time. It was during a mission for him that she learned that Baron Calpurnius' daughter, Elaise, had survived and established a household in Stormwind.

She left the Scarlet Crusade under questionable circumstances, after realizing that the Archmage had betrayed both her and their faith in the Light. Immediately returning to Stormwind, she offered Baroness Elaise Calpurnius her sword, in fulfillment of their fathers' oaths, and served as her bodyguard for two years.

She left Elaise's service twice: once, temporarily, to rejoin the Scarlet Crusade for a particular mission; and a second time, permanently, after Elaise took a death knight into her household.

Death Edit

Ciarnat recently was killed when she attacked a death knight and a pyromancer outside the Cathedral in Stormwind. Her death was covered up by an unknown organization. Her body was recovered by agents working for her father. She was to have been raised as a death knight but escaped.

Out of Character Information Edit

  • Ciarnat started as a fury warrior for leveling, with the intent of respeccing protection as soon as possible, to relieve the guild's main tank, at the time. She has been specced protection ever since, and the player behind Ciarnat has forgotten how to play virtually any other role in a group.

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