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Characters played by this user Edit



Ciann Magnol - Human Female Mage


Milori Magnol - Human Female Priest

Vaias Magnol - Human Female Warlock

Liatania Cilnos Magnol - Human Female Paladin

Xanthier M. Cilnos - Human Male Rogue

Zylus Magnol - Human Male Mage

Alunya Wildpetal - Night Elf Female Druid

Eldaia Celes - Draenei Female Shaman

Reyhtnaz Sunarrow - Blood Elf Male Hunter

Kishtavaia a.k.a. "The Shadow of Death" - Blood Elf Female Death Knight

Story-based, Non-player characters created by this user Edit

Thanol Mindwell - Human Male Mage, former husband of Vaias Magnol. (deceased)

Elder Nios Magnol - Human Male Mage, Enigmatic leader, and eldest living member of the Magnol

Tyuleios Wildpetal Night Elf Male Hunter, brother of Alunya Wildpetal

Felah Magnol - Human Female Mage (and her twin sister Falah.)

Articles written by this user Edit

The Magnol - An explanation of the Magnol family and clan, including anything that pertains to them.

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