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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

This page is devoted to speculations and guesses about the currently non-existent Lich King encounter.

It is highly speculative as no official information exists and in fact the encounter does not exist.

Therefore, guesses and ruminations about the Lich King are for entertainment value only.

  • All I hope of is that the inevitably forthcoming "Lich King/Arthas encounter" will not be overly exaggerated into definite end-game. Sure, the lich King is wretchedly powerful, but he is not powerfful enough to be the definite "endboss" of World of Warcraft. I'll explain more my personal thoughts about the future of World of Warcraft on wowwiki in some future, but just to give you some inclination as to why I don't think Arthas should be the "endboss" is that there are several other beings in the world that are more powerful than him. Each of the five aspects are, and so is Kil'Jaeden, just for starters. (Just thought this article needed something written in it)

List of entities more powerful than the Lich King: Jesus (level 100,000 boss) Leeroy Jenkins (invincible)

  • I'm fairly sure that Arthas has become much more powerful then Kil'Jaeden. Why? His power is constantly growing, if we can go by what happened to Ner'Zuhl. Earlier his mental power kept growing and growing and growing, and it probably still is. Now, he also has a physical body, which has probably the most powerful weapon in the world along with armour that's nigh upon indestructible.

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