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  • I live in Booty Bay
  • I was born on March 22
  • My occupation is Mercenary
  • I am Male
NeutralNPC 32Lord Robert Falren
Robert Falren
Title Lord of Falren Manor, The Vicerend Kingpin (formerly), The Fastest Meat Chopper in Booty Bay
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level  ?? (Boss)
Character class Warrior, Gladiator, Engineer
Affiliation The Vicerend Brotherhood (formerly)
Position Mercenary
Location Booty Bay
Status Alive
Relative(s) Clayton Falren (Father), Chadrick Falren (Uncle), Dyrone Falren (Son)
Mentor(s) Eric Bancroft, Dartok, Porble Sparkwrench
Comp(s) Butcher (Raptor), Scyla (Proto-dragon)
Alignment Neutral evil
I got so much money, it ain't even funny!
- Robert Falren



Robert is a cunning, manipulative and surprisingly smart man. He has the personality of a basic asshole. He loves to crack jokes and spit witty comments. He's generally rather calm unless angered, in which case he may resort to being quite violent in some cases. 


Tall with a beefy build, his solid form resembled that of a brutish warrior. Barrel-chested with thick, muscular arms, broad shoulders and strong legs, he appeared clearly strong to any who may glance upon him. His hair was long, black and tied back into a foxtail, along with that, he sported a well-groomed beard and moustache. If one were to see his face, they would notice his dark hazel eyes and his faint scar, faded by the years from the top of the left side of his forehead coming down next to his eye midway down his left cheek. 

Likely to be seen equipped with a thick set of plate armor and a large sword sheathed on his back, along with an assortment of other smaller weapons concealed within his armor. The armor was of dark color with many small notches and scrapes; obviously heavily battle worn. 


Early LifeEdit


Robert Falren was born in Westfall to his two parents, Clayton and Sharon Falren, right as the second war was beginning. Unskilled with a blade, Clayton fled the Alliance due to the chance of being called to fight. The Falren family moved to Booty Bay, a pirate trading town, where Clayton ran a shipping business for several years. Clayton’s business was thriving, which of course, lead to the jealousy of other local residents. It was not long before both Clayton and Sharon were brutally murdered by mercenaries, which young Robert was forced to bear witness to at the young age of seven years old.

Young Robert Falren was left alone, shattered by his tragic fate. He soon grew desperate with his struggle for money, and began stealing from houses in order to make ends meet. By the age of ten, the law force had simply had enough with him, and he was sold to a shady arena promoter who held underground fights, where two children would enter the ring and fight until one was brutally injured, and people would makes bets on them.

Eric BancroftEdit

Young Falren proved to be a decent fighter for an untrained street urchin, and was soon discovered by Eric Bancroft, a former mercenary, who purchased him from the arena promoter. Eric was a middle aged man, who once lived in Elwynn Forest with his wife and children, who were murdered, and his house looted and razed, leaving him with nothing. Eric had moved to Booty Bay to start his life over, and saw Falren as a potential way to rake in some gold.

Eric took Robert in, and trained him to the extreme, regardless of his young age of only eleven and a half years old. Eric and Robert trained endlessly, and Robert became more skilled by the day, by the time Robert was twelve years old he was able to obliterate anyone at his fight club, but he was also too old when he turned twelve, and so he was dismissed from the ranks. Regardless of such, Eric continued to train Robert, and they soon grew close, Robert had become something of a son to Eric, and Eric had become a father figure to Robert.

Eric began to teach Robert how to read and write at around the age of thirteen, Robert picked up quickly, and was able to read short books after only a few months. Over the next few years Robert became an expert in arms and learned to read and write efficiently. By the time he was fifteen he needed to supply himself with gear and weaponry for further warrior training, so he got a job and began working as a butcher at the local tavern. Robert learned butchery at a very fast rate, and was simply excellent as a butcher, he chopped up the meats so quickly that he was titled “The Fastest Meat Chopper in Booty Bay” by his friends and co-workers, which was later shortened to the simple nickname “Chopperbob” instead.

Robert worked hard at his job, and was paid accordingly; he made decent pay for a butcher, and soon had enough to equip himself with new armor and weapons. Robert purchased a full suite of leather armor, and a steel longsword, and he and Eric began weapon training. Although he had already purchased what he wished to buy, Robert did not quit his job, he continued to work as a butcher. Over the next couple of years, Robert got his first girlfriend, Natalie, and impregnated her without knowing, and he also became a very skillful swordsman. Unfortunately, Robert was kidnapped at the age of seventeen by pirates, and left Natalie and Eric behind without any word, leaving Eric worried and Natalie heartbroken.

The Pirate's LifeEdit


Robert’s life as a pirate was about as far from glamorous as it gets, he was a slave, and his duty was to swab the decks, cook the food, and serve the pirates. Close to a year passed, and nothing had changed, until one night when Robert’s ship was raided. Robert betrayed his crew during the attack and battled against them instead, most of his crew was slain, and all of their treasure was plundered. In exchange for Robert’s services in helping the opposing crew, he would be spared if he was to pledge loyalty to them, and so he did, and was brought into their crew.

The Sea ViperEdit

Robert’s place within his new crew was not a slave, due to his impeccable fighting skills he was accepted as an ordinary crew member. He worked hard and served the ship, The Sea Viper, well. Over the next few years he worked hard with his crew, and they plundered many, many ships, and Robert had become a very wealthy pirate. His life was going perfectly, he had a girlfriend named Sasha Plankwind, and they had recently had a child, her named was Katrina… however, one day this all came to an end. Their ship was under attack and the enemies had made several lucky shots on their ship, and they were now slowly sinking. Robert and Sasha fled the ship with their child, taking with them only a small chest of treasure and a rowboat.


Robert, Sasha and Katrina safely landed on shore as their ship went down in flames. Loyal pirates would always go down with the ship, but Robert and Sasha were no fools. They were, however, stranded upon the shores of Stranglethorn Vale. Robert briefly knew his way through the Vale, and they set out to Booty Bay. The road was long and hard, they had to hunt for food, which wasn’t all so bad, as they still had their cutlasses with them.

They traveled for many days, until they reached a small troll camp one night, Robert and Sasha were confident that they could steal some food from the trolls, as it appeared they were all asleep. They both crept into the camp, and began to ransack whatever they could, but to their surprise, a band of troll hunters appeared out of the trees, they shot down Sasha quickly with four arrows through the torso and one in the head. Robert avoided the arrows and ran as fast as he could, taking shelter under a large rock with Katrina, where they waited it out until morning. The rest of their journey home was relatively smooth, and they arrived after several more days.

There’s No Place Like HomeEdit

Upon arriving in Booty Bay, Robert headed straight for Eric’s house. After several days of catching up, Robert asked Eric a great favor: to raise young Katrina for him. Eric agreed to raise Robert, and Robert left most of his treasure with Eric, the entire treasure chest he had stolen from the pirates, and some of the troll’s items, excluding a raptor egg that he had found. Eric was grateful of such, as this would be all he needed to raise the young girl; Eric also informed Robert that Natalie had given birth to his son, Dyrone. After several days, Robert purchased a boat ticket to Ratchet, and left Eric once again, but made a vow to return one day to visit.

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