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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

CombatMobElite 32Cazar
Title <The Demoniac Elder>
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level  ?? Boss
Character class Warlock
Health 15,618,294
Mana 17,593,046
Wealth 785Gold 45Silver 67Copper
Location Reaper's Terrace
Status Killable

Cazar the Demoniac Elder is a rare world boss. He is located on the Reaper's Terrace; a large, rectangular platform. Fragmented Souls freely wander the terrace, and if left alive are used by Cazar as a source of power and energy.

When Cazar is defeated, there will be a zone wide announcement; "The heretic known as Cazar has been defeated! Let us bless our sacred heroes!" The zone will be blessed with the buff Demoniac's Cleansing which adds 100 to all stats.

There are two different ways to approach this fight. Tactic 1 is harder, quicker, and yields better loot while Tactic 2 is easier, longer, and yields lower quality loot.

Basic Spells For Both Tactics Edit

  • Shadowbolt – Three-second cast, 3500 to 4500 shadow damage. Interruptible
  • Howl of Terror – Two-second cast, fears nearby raid members for 5 seconds. The tank should never be hit by this.
  • Seed of Corruption – Four-second cast that shoots five seeds into random players, each dealing 1260 to 1540 shadow damage (6300-7700 total). Interruptible
  • Essence Drain – Raid wide HP/mana drain, drains 1k HP/mana per second for 5 seconds. If a player reaches zero mana or HP, he/she will explode for 10k damage to themself and 5k damage to all nearby raid members.
  • Shadow Nova – Two-second cast. A 50-yard radius AoE around Cazar, deals 2,500 shadow damage every second for 5 seconds (12,500 total)
  • Shadow Embrace – Room wide permanent AoE debuff around Cazar, reduces all damage dealt by 1%, gains a percent every minute or when something dies.

All of Cazar's spells have infinite range. Pets are valid targets for these spells, including the snakes from Snake Traps.

All slowing and root effects are undispellable.

It is possible to interrupt and lock out all his basic abilities to the point where he starts to use his melee attack. He sometimes takes a swing even when not all his schools are locked. When meleeing, he uses a normal aggro table. This can cause problems, as he can move out of the center of the room and leave the raid out of position.

Special Abilities For Both TacticsEdit

Every 30-35 seconds, Cazar uses one of his three special abilities. The special abilities cannot be interrupted or locked out.

  • Shadowy Domination: Five-second cast which mind controls three random characters for 20 seconds. The afflicted players will grow in size and deal 50% more damage but lose 1% of their HP per second. Undispellable.
  • Soul Fire Volley: 10 second cast. Launches large fire bolts in all directions hitting all players in 40 yard range. Deals 3,000-6,000 damage and slows the target for 10 seconds. Also applies the Burning Soul debuff which reduces raid member's HP by 10% for 10 seconds. When they die, deals 8,000+ damage to nearby players.
  • Shadow Expulsion: Seven-second cast. Similar to Shadow Nova; expels all debuffs from Cazar, releasing it all as deadly shadow energy. This deals 9,000-11,000 damage in a 20 yard radius.

Dark DischargeEdit

At 20% health, Cazar begins to discharge pure shadows out of his body every 5 seconds. Each shadow is fairly weak but does an incredibly damaging AOE. If your raid can survive it, you can ignore them and DPS Cazar down as they despawn on his death, if your healers don't have enough mana, tell your DPS to kill each Pure Shadow as it discharges from Cazar.


After 18 minutes, he goes berserk and begins to siphon life from all raid members. The beams drain around 5,000-11,000 HP per second, wiping your raid in seconds. The fight should only take 8-10 minutes at most.

Strategy Edit

Let your MT pull, and begin to DPS Cazar down. He will Shadow Bolt the tank and a random raid member, and will semi-intelligently throw Seeds of Corruption at random players in the center of the raid. The graphic is very noticeable, so players should stay away from these players until they detonate. Mana heavy classes, such as Retribution Paladins, mages, and priests will need to conserve mana in case an Essence Drain happens. If health or mana reaches 0 for anybody, they will explode and deal heavy damage to nearby players. Shamans should make sure they have down Tremor Totems at all times to negate Howl of Terror. At this point, he should use his first special ability.

Shadowy Domination Edit

If Cazar uses this, three of your raid members will be mind controlled for 20 seconds and began to run rampant around the raid. The size increase should make it easier to target them as they will most likely target the healers first. They should be Polymorphed, feared, etc. until the MC wears off. They should then be healed to full health as an Essence Drain or Call of the Nether will happen in a few seconds, which will probably result in death. Mana heavy classes, such as Retribution Paladins, mages, and priests will need to conserve mana in case an Essence Drain happens. If health or mana reaches 0 for anybody, they will explode and deal heavy damage to nearby players. At this point, he should use his first special ability.

Soul Fire Volley Edit

When Cazar begins to cast this, it is imperative that your raid gets out of casting range of him or behind the broken pillars (for melee). If anyone is hit, they should get priority for heals. If healing is not enough, the afflicted players should run into a corner and explode, away from the rest of the raid.

Shadow Expulsion Edit

All debuffs on Cazar will be instantly wiped if he uses this ability, as will many raids if they can't avoid this fast enough. All raid members (including melee) should run to the edges of the rooms during the cast and the explosion should not hit them.

If you are unlucky enough, Cazar will do an Essence Drain and then a Shadow Nova in conjunction. Players damaged by Essence Drain should begin to run as soon as the first Shadow Nova detonates.

Keep in mind that every 45 seconds a charge of Shadow Embrace is added to the raid, which reduces damage dealt by 2%. This effect also applies to pets and others (like Snakes from Snake Trap). Snake Trap is especially painful as it can add 6-8% of Shadow Embrace, making the encounter substantially harder than it needs to be. Raids new to this will be seeing this stack a bit high, but if your whole raid is coordinated and experienced, you will only get about 7-8 charges of Shadow Embrace. If Shadow Embrace gets to 10 or more charges, Cazar will become substantially harder with the damage debuff.

Raids should get Cazar down to 55-50% within 3-5 charges of Shadow Embrace, 3-5% damage reduction.

A common situation is to have around 12-14 charges of Shadow Embrace on the raid due to a low DPS raid, have Cazar at 10%, and then lose the MT. Healers will be running low on mana and so will DPS. This is survivable if all DPS goes full out, using any and all cooldowns and nuking Cazar down. If it's not enough, he will do another Essence Drain or Shadow Nova which will kill healers and ranged DPS or melee DPS, and increase the Shadow Embrace effect. It will be stacked at around 18-23 which makes him virtually unkillable.

Tactic One Edit

Strategy Edit

Instead of killing the Fragmented Souls that wander the terrace, your raid can ignore them and attack Cazar. They don't aggro, but throughout the fight Cazar will use them as "fuel" for his abilities.

Fragmented SoulsEdit

The ghosts that wander the terrace have approximately 50k health and deal 500-800 damage on plate and around 1,000-2,500 on cloth. They are immune to all crowd control.


  • Horrify - One-second cast. A single target fear that causes the targeted player to run in fear for 7 seconds. Undispellable.
  • Agonizing Reach - A debuff placed on the tank that leeches 1% HP every second. The soul will continuously stack this buff. Dispellable.
  • Malevolence - At 5% health, the soul enrages and gains a buff that deals 50% more damage.

The souls should be dealt with coution, as ignorant raids can lose their tank if Agonizing Reach is not watched. The soul will constantly Horrify random targets around the room, other than that this ability does nothing serious.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Fel Empowerment - Every 15 seconds, Cazar will Drain Soul one of the Fragmented Souls on the terrace. Every soul he drains adds 5 charges of Fel Empowerment to him, each charge granting +1% health, 1% mana, 1% all damage done, 1% spell casting/attack speed. Dispellable/Stealable
  • Call of the Nether - Two-second cast. Non-interruptible. Causes two nearby souls to rapidly grow in size and eventually explode, dealing 3,000-5,000 damage to all nearby players. Exploding souls will always be on opposite sides of the room.

Fel Empowerment Edit

Cazar will drain one of the wandering souls and gain 5 charges of Fel Empowerment on him. Each charge should be dispelled, stolen, etc.. Be wary though, if I mage Spellsteals all the Fel Empowerment, they will start to deal immense damage, and might pull Cazar off the tank. This can be negated though, if the mage stops all DPS and lets Fel Empowerment wear off, then DPS again.

Call of the Nether Edit

As soon as Cazar begins casting this, the whole raid should merge together in the middle of the terrace except melee. Two souls on opposite sides of the room will explode, dealing heavy damage to all nearby players. If the raid is centered on the terrace, the explosion won't kill anyone.

Tips for Healers Edit

  • Healers must be far more in tune with their surroundings and move around like everyone else in the raid; this means they must be able to take their eyes off of everyone's health bars and become more situationally aware.
  • There is no benefit to having a regular tank, which means all healers in the raid are raid healing.
  • Bring stacks of healing and mana potions to avoid losing it during an Essence Drain.
  • The ability to heal while moving is very useful. Priests and Druids excel at this as they have several instant casts. Instant casts also have the major advantage that they are not mana intesive and don't require standing in one spot at a time.

Dispel Magic and Cleanse are important spells for this fight, be prepared to dispel charges of Fel Empowerment, Howl of Terror, and Seeds of Corruption. This is especially critical if surrounding players are low on health and if Cazar is Essence Draining the raid.



  • "Fools, will you not cease your futile attempt to stop me? I am UNSTOPPABLE!"
  • "Your dying breath will be filled with horrors and nightmares beyond the mortal realm."
  • "How amusing. You think you can stop me? We shall see."


  • "This world, will be remade with shadows and pure power to the masters!"
  • "This world dares challenge my power?! Feel the wrath of the Demoniac!"

Mind Control

  • "Yes, give in to the shadows, bend your will to me!"
  • "Such a weak mind, so vulnerable to manipulation."

Shadow Expulsion

  • "Your powers are nothing compared to mine. Shi'ahn Nakr'oh!"
  • "I am no acolyte! I am the Demoniac Elder!"

Draining Souls

  • "You will serve me, No, not as a lost spirit, but as POWER!"

Player Death

  • "What a waste. You could have gone to good use..."
  • "Poor fool. Enjoy the afterlife as one of those damned souls."

Cazar's berserk

  • "Enough of this! I have much more interesting matters to attend to."

Cazar's death

  • "My life means nothing in the long... run..."

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