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CombatMob 32Theoryn
Gender Male
Race Lion (Beast)
Level unknown
Location unknown, Frostsaber Rock, Winterspring (formerly)
Relative(s) Shy-Rotam (mate)
Pet information
Family Cat
"Tauren called you Sian-Rotam, it means Mighty Pridelord in their native, we Elves have another word - Theoryn" Ceroth (Chronicles of Quel'Thalas: The Watchers)

Theoryn aka Sian-Rotam is the great white lion and leader of the Frostsabers in Winterspring. He became companion of blood elf hunter named Ceroth.

Sian-Rotam lives along with his mate Shy-Rotam in the snowy vale of Winterspring. One day came strange Blood Elf, followed by famous frostsaber trainer Rivern Frostwind. The Blood Elf was no other than Ceroth Sunhand, one of The Watchers secret organization, which seeks to defend Azeroth against evil. Sian-Rotam was tamed and renamed to Theoryn. He then followed his new master to the Moonglade on a druid council.

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