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HordeNPC 32Banshih
Title <DeathStalker>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken, banshee (Undead)
Level 70
Location Unknown
  • User:Ceralkiller/Banshih - The page you want for the rp character.
  • This is an RP character on the SteamWheedle (US) server.


  • Stub "Good and evil, is subjective."
  • Stub "In the end, time slays the wise and foolish alike - at such a time you must question which one are you?"
  • Stub "Anyone can follow the actions of the popular opinion. Few can cope with the burden of doing what must be done without needing the approval of others."

Current WeaponsEdit

Banshih wields the following:
Inv sword 85
Inv sword 87

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