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Neutral 32Celinthia Sunrift
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Character class Paladin
Affiliation Horde
Position Blood Knight
Location The Broken House
Relative(s) None, all deceased.

Celinthia Sunrift Edit

Celinthia is a noble from Silvermoon. Her high elf roots go way back. Her father was a mage, he had high hopes of one day being a Magister. This unfortunately never happened for him. Celinthia's noble father wasn't her true father anyway. Celinthia showed more of the personality and attitude of her biological father. Sinarainas Whitewind. Uncle Sin as she always called him was a farstrider. So it was only natural she would turn to that path as well, much to her other father's anger. After time to further his position with the Magisters in Silvermoon a marriage was arrange with another noble family also on their way up the ranks within the city. Celinthia balked at this marriage and ran away. Unfortunately that also happened to be the day the scourge ruined the city and her family was lost in the attack.

Description Edit

Celinthia is small and agile in her movements. Her skin is a bit darker than most blood elves, mainly because of her time spent outdoors. She stands proudly with a noble baring. Her hair hangs around her face is soft curls. She has a stubborn chin and a slightly upturned nose. A scar runs from the middle of her right eyebrow to her upper cheek. She also has a scar from an arrow that pierced her left shoulder.

Personality Edit

Celinthia is quite the character at times. She is quick witted and easy to talk to. Although if you listen carefully you can hear how unsure she is at times. She has a tendency to ramble when nervous or agitated.

History Edit

The daughter of high ranking noble ambassadors and mages. Celinthia grew up in plush noble surroundings. The old city of Silvermoon was her home and she loved it. She lived like most nobles unaware of the happenings of anything beneath her, until the destruction of Silvermoon. While it gave her, her freedom from an arranged marriage it made her have to learn to live on her own. Joining the Farstriders to fight against her father's wishes, she was not there when her parents died as her home burned to the ground. She carries the guilt of not being there with them.

After that she wandered for quite some time doing odd jobs. Tracking those who owed unsavory types money and sometimes even assassinating them. Eventually she broke free from that life and joined a guild, Ordo Chaotika. Her time in the Ordo was long and she was sad when she watched her home dissipate to nothingness.

She met her first husband Shahid while a member of Ordo Chaotika, they were happy together for a long time until he died saving her in the outlands. After his death she found a small group of humans and one gnome building a home above Halaa in contested lands. She stood with them when the horde came to take the home away. She felt that everyone had a right to have a home and build it where they pleased. These humans had helped her and treated her well. She suffered an arrow to the shoulder and the loss of her wind rider in the fight for the island.

She later met and married Belinor Direbourne. They were peacefully married and she cared not what others thought about him but stayed by his side until he disappeared one day. He later returned as a death knight and she would leave him behind. At this time she was called to Halaa instead of Ice Crown to run as a scout between horde and alliance territories. She was caught and imprisoned by the alliance for some time. They starved her of both a magic source and food until she cooperated with them and read coded horde letters to them. She was rescued by Kathas Sunrift and a young mage named Eleya. She returned home only to find out she was to be tried for treason for her actions both in the past when she stood by the humans and for her actions as a prisoner.

At this point she snapped, almost drowning herself in the lake by the manor of the Broken House. Once again Kathas Sunrift came to her side along with Eleya's father Eranon. Once calmed she took off to train in a new way. When she returned she was a blood knight and was waiting her final test when her trial began. She was found guilty and stripped of her title as well as the ability to call herself blood knight.

With the help of Cyrik Bloodwake she has been able to regain her status as a Blood Knight and is currently still working on regain her noble house. In the meantime she and Kathas Sunrift fell in love and are now happily married. She has sworn he will be her last husband.

Presently Edit

Celinthia has married for the last time to Kathas Sunrift. She is in the process of restoring her family name and the noble rank after being tried and found guilty of treason to the city of Silvermoon, luckily the charges did not hold over to become traitor to the whole of the horde.

Out Of Character Information Edit

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