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Neutral 32 The Burning Wastes
Level 108-109
possible look of Burning Wastes
RacesIconSmall FlameTroll MaleIconSmall FlameTroll Female Flame Troll
Undead Sihor
IconSmall Dragonmaw MaleIconSmall Dragonmaw Female Dragonmaw orc
IconSmall DarkIron MaleIconSmall DarkIron Female Dark Iron dwarf
IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female Blood elf
Wandering Eye
IconSmall Fire Fire elemental
IconSmall DragonBlackIconSmall DrakeBlackIconSmall DrakonidBlackIconSmall SpawnBlackIconSmall WhelpBlack Black dragonflight
RulerChieftain J'amur, Orthak Bloodfury
Major settlementsSavageflame Volcano
Minor settlementsBloodfury Watch Post, Dan Modan, Bloodhawk Rune-tower
Locationnorthern Cecaro

Burning Wastes is fiery, volcanic and chaotic place located on the northern part of Cecaro.

History Edit

Burning Wastes was once known as lush valley (name of Burning Wastes in past is forgotten), when Fire Elements escaped from Cecarian elemental prison, they burnied whole valley and it's population (Jungle Trolls), Trolls adapted on fire and lava and they became Flame Trolls.

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