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Horde 32 Akkramar
Level 100-102
CapitalCity of Akkramar (14 000)
Population13 000
RacesIconSmall Orc MaleIconSmall Orc Female Orc (6500)
IconSmall Troll MaleIconSmall Troll Female Jungle troll (1700)
IconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Tauren Female Tauren (1500)
IconSmall ForestTroll MaleIconSmall ForestTroll Female Forest troll (250)
IconSmall FlameTroll MaleIconSmall FlameTroll Female Flame Troll (1900)
IconSmall Vrykul MaleIconSmall Vrykul Female Vrykul
IconSmall Worgen2 MaleIconSmall Worgen2 Female Worgen
IconSmall DarkIron MaleIconSmall DarkIron Female Dark Iron dwarf
IconSmall Fire Fire elemental
GovernmentTribal Chiefdom
Minor settlementsGilneas Operation Point
Locationcentral Cecaro

Akkramar is gray rocky desert devastated with elemental curse of Fire Elementals, itis affiliated as Horde teritorry, it is populted by Orcs, Trolls, Tauren and Vrykul, it's capital is called City of Akkramar or just Akkramar. This zone doesn't have any special history. Akkramar is located under the Burning Wastes.

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