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Hi, I'm Cassieopeia, welcome to my WoWWiki page!

I am both a Wiki 'user' (i.e. Wiki content supporter), and I also have a character with the same name on the Feathermoon Server. I have always been finding something more important to do than getting immersed in the WoW Wiki-culture, but after using it so much for UI and mod references, and then putting up a web site for my guild Gambit, finally decided to take the plunge when someone from my guild put up a Wiki guild stub for us and sent me a message about it. This page is for my benefit as a wiki reference and jump point, but also for those who may be curious about me. My main wiki page additions are linked below as well.

Cassie's Wiki Links Edit

How to... Edit a page, Edit an API page, Help:Edit,Help:Editing quickref, Help:Table, Help:Template, Help:Section.

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Cassie's WoW Characters Edit

Cassieopeia, season 42 mage

Gambit Member, Feathermoon Server
No fancy Template or layout...I don't have *that much* free time ; -p!

Cassie's Web WorkEdit

Cassieopeia, Gambit Webmuse

The Gambit guild web site design and creation, conceived, planned, and implemented by yours truly, with much support from Malaw, and suggestions from other Guild members!

I became the Gambit Guild webmuse quite by accident while discussing the website (what there was of it) with Malaw, the Guild Oracle. During one of our long discussions, it came out that I had been doing alot of data mining and UI coding for WoW, and Mal told me she was having problems getting the site off the ground. I haven't done website design in quite some time, although I have certainly been doing alot of custom browsing script engines as a hobby, so I offered my help. I have a solid background in this area, so I ran some (actually, quite a few ; p) ideas by Mal, and after she collected her wits (I can be overwhelming at times ; ), she turned me loose to pursue my Mad Mad Plans!

It was quite an adventure just getting the server running smoothly, and doing everything old school until we (Mal and I) had the kinks worked out (don't ask ><!). There are still some issues, but fortunately Mal is taking care of THAT end of things, so I can concentrate on the site design and content (thanks Mal! ; ).

After a flurry of all-nighters and some good idea sessions, the overall layout was set up and the main pages created, with some solid content in the intro pages, and outlines in the rest, all released on July 9, 2006. A couple hard-core (><!) coding sessions brought the items page up to par a couple days later, and the remaining outlined pages were filled in as time permitted throughout July. Another day-long design and coding session brought the members page up to code and in early August, the 6th revision (yes, that's 6 in 1 month!) was posted. After the main code and content were pretty well set, I slowed down a bit and got some needed sleep!

I am happy to say that it came out very well, and was surprisingly close to my original concept, with some small changes along the way. My original idea was to get the layout down, and use automation to make the updates more-or-less easy... Although it produced a nice result, a complete update can still take the better part of a day... not exactly what I was hoping for ; p... None the less, I am still happy with the result! You can check it out here at The Gambit Guild

As new content becomes available, and time permits, the site has been updated more-or-less weekly...sometimes more, usually less (I do want to spend more time in WoW than in HTML, after all ; p!). My schedule keeps me pretty busy, so I work on the site when I can! Feathermoon US server

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