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NeutralNPC 32Master Wyeth Drurer
Title <Ambassador, Diplomat>
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 80
Character class Rogue
Affiliation Ravenholdt
Position Assassin, Close Combat Instructor
Location Varies
Status Alive
Relative(s) Cora Drurer (mother, alive), Alphonsus Drurer (father, deceased)

Biography Edit

Born of well-to-do Stormwind City merchants, Wyeth Drurer enjoyed a youth of privilege and was afforded an enviable primary and secondary education alongside the wealthiest of Stormwind's citizenry. A clever child with a knack for languages and a penchant for sleight of hand magick, he was often thought of as precocious and impish. Wyeth preferred the latter attribute and as he grew his tendency toward trickery gave way toward an enviable talent for deception, disguise, and outright thievery. During his teen years, Wyeth embarked upon a brief yet lucrative career stealing test answers for classmates. When apprehended by the Headmaster, the boy explained that he did not steal for money but, rather, for the thrill of simply being able to do so. Recognizing that the child was, indeed, talented in the art of theft, the headmaster referred Wyeth to Mathias Shaw of SI:7 upon graduation.

Shortly after his acceptance into SI:7's Fourth Finger, the seventeen year old Wyeth locked horns with Master Shaw over the subject of apprentice training. Wyeth, quite cocky from his swift acceptance into SI:7 and bolstered by his own extreme self- confidence, demanded from Shaw an accelerated training and sought elevation to the Third Finger by proposing that he infiltrate The Assassins' League of Ravenholdt Manor in order to spy upon its Horde members. After much pestering (and a barrage of fires set in Shaw's office) the boy was sent on a covert mission, one which landed him not at Ravenholdt Manor but in The Stockades. It was in "The Stocks" where Wyeth gained his most valuable training and emerged from the assignment 18 months later a skilled fighter, lethal poisoner, and exceedingly bitter young man who harbored no loyalty whatsoever to Shaw or SI:7. Within days of his departure from The Stockades, Wyeth set out to locate a new home -- and mentor -- for himself in the hills of Alterac.

(In progress)

Appearance Edit

6'3", 104 kg, deep pumpkin red hair, sage green eyes, fair complexion, well muscled and very broad-shouldered, no visible scars or tattoos. Nose appears to have been broken more than once. Known to favor facial hair in the form of a goatee or, to a lesser degree, a trimmed moustache. Hair typically worn long and bound. Known for exceptional and impeccably maintained armor and weapons, also owns an extensive collection of tabards. Often seen in the company of an Ethereal Soul Trader; preferred mount is a rare and poorly trained mutant chicken known as El Pollo Grande.

Behind the Character Edit

The player behind the character of Wyeth will not answer unsolicited tells nor will she further address the rumors of her death. Said rumor was started and perpetuated with intent and its use led to the successful conclusion of a complex event which will not be discussed by the player. The few persons on the Sisters of Elune server emotionally impacted by said rumor have been contacted and provided with a verifiable explanation.

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