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Name: Burgrsch Demonvoice

Apperance: A elder vetran orc, his whol body is cowerd in demonic runes. He also his eyes are a pair of demonic fires that have been places in his burnt out eyeholes.

Born: In Nagrand

Father: Splictor Firehair (peon)

Mother: Nectura Wildspirit (shaman)

Siblings: Qh'graus "Halftooth" Spinripper (beviled dead seens the first war)

Children: Rubgrsch "Blackscar" Bloodax and Drugima "Bloodhair" Deathwind (both dead)

Grandchildren: Oga (daughter to Rudgrasch and his mate Cergias)

Marital status: Widower whom has swarn never to take a new mate for the rest of his life

Loves: The Horde, Thrall and his granddaughter

Hates: Any whom threthen the Horde and Gnomes for some reson

Ambitions: To see the Horde triumphent over all it's enemys and peace thoreout the world

Burgrsch has lived a long and intresting life. One may begin whit his parents, his mother chose a highly intelligent Peon for a mate. This was meet whit suspicion and anger from the rest of the clan. Non could understand how one of the finest shamans would want to have offspiring whit a puny peon. But the two sons that Nectura laterd gave birth to soon ended the anger of the Blood Blade Clan.

The oldest brother Burgrsch became the clans first warlock and his younger brother became the bigest and brutal of the Clans warriors. The Blood Blade Clan was one of the smaller Clans that followed Gul'dan that through the Dark Portal. As one of the first waves of the Horde invasion the Clan was however attacked by a human warparty, and next to all of the Clan members was killed. Among the survivors was Burgrsch. After the Clan of his parents had been ruined the young warlock joined the Burning Blade Clan to surved the Horde betther.

Under the first and second wars he became more and more a fanatical follower of the Shadow Council and Gul'dan. He even toke the titel of the Blade of Hatred a form of officer titel whit in the Burning Blade. And his actes was even noted by Gul'dan himself, there for he got his eyes replaced whit magical demon flame eyes given to him by Gul'dan.

However the demon eyes that Burgrsch had goten was taken back by Gul'dan leaving the warlock whit noting but a pair of emty eyeholes. Whit no eyes or leader to show him the way Burgrsch fell in to dispear. After fighting a losing battle for a long time the now blind orc just gave up. He was put in a Inturment Camp. There he was beaten by the other orc's as they blamed him and the warlocks for the fall of the Horde. And Burgrsch accepted there hatred and hoped that one of them would sooner or later kill him so that his shame would end.

Unknown to the agening blind orc was that his son had also surved the fall of the Blood Blade Clan. He had been fund days later by scouts of the Bleeding Hollow Clan. He had after that been adopted by the Bleeding Hollow and raised to be one of there warriors, those now traind to do war Rubgrsch "Blackscar" Bloodax fund his way back in to his fathers life. As a part of Thralls plan in freeing the camp whit in which Burgrsch was held camptiv, Rudgrsch was sent to aggitat the orcs of the camp agenst there human captors.

Meeting his son agen was a hard thing for Burgrsch. Not only did his son tell him how much he hated his father, Burgrsch was also overcome whit bitter sweet happiness over that his son yet lived. And even more so when he lurd that his son had a childe, a daughter. Burgrsch joind the battle for freedom whit his kin, killing off many humans whit the few warlock powers he still had. Ready to take his punishment from Thrall ones free the old warlock was most surprised when the young warcheiftan said:

"This old one foth whit us in his own way. He never harmed another orc by will and I can see no evil in him as he is today. Those it would not be honourbol for me to condemn him to death becorse of what he ones was! You are welcome to the new Horde my old brother."

Form that day Burgrsch surved Thrall seing him as his savior. Swearing to follow and protect Thrall and the Horde untill his death, Burgrsch was often sent of missions by Thrall. And for some reson often whit his son and grandchilde as his companions. And thos the three became wery close under the time before, under and after the third war. Under this time spent together Burgrsch and his son often got in to fight's that could have driven them apart if it had not been for Rubgrsch daughter Oga. Oga and her grandfather became close and Burgrsch had a never ending love for them both.

After the last war of the world Burgrsch wanted to live out his life in peace. He started to study the history of the Trolls and was in a village on the Echo Iles when the Admiral and his fleet came. As they bombarde the Trolls Burgrsch used his magics in a desperat attemt to slow the ships canons. But even if he had been at his strongest he could not stand agenst the Human invaders. Thos he aided in the Evecuation of the Trolls and nerbay Orc settelments. Leading them all to the gates of Orgrimmar.

After that day Burgrsch has hated Humans and all other members of the Alliance.

Later he did something he will always remember and regret. He tryed to remake his dead daughter using a Book writhen by Gul'dan himself. But he did not succeed, what was born that day was not his childe but something els. And the dark power it unlease killed both his son and whatever part of his dead daughters spirit. Leaving him only whit a dark shadow haning over his head and his grandchild Oga.

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