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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Kenneth Whitemane
Titles: Highlord of the New Silver Hand
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Level: 21
Age: 68

IC BackgroundEdit


Kenneth Whitemane was born to Linda and Joseph Whitemane in the human capital Lordaeron. He was the only child of the family, but was given no special treatment, despite the power the family held and their closeness with the king.
Kenneth's father, Joseph, was a prominent blacksmith. He sculpted many fine items for the royals of Lordaeron, some of which are still in the world today. Kenneth was taken under his father's wing and taught the trade. Before long, Kenneth was creating his own magnificent armor and blades, a skill that he still holds today.
Kenneth had two close friends in Lordaeron; Prince Arthas Menethil and young Highlord Morgraine. The three were almost inceperable friends, always seen running through the streets of Lordaeron or climbing the trees in the royal garden.
The three boys were like brothers, and it was when they all reached the age of twelve that their lives changed....

The Light's CallingEdit

One day, whilst sitting in the royal garden under an apple tree, Arthas reached up to pluck an apple. It was when he reached up, a Holy Smite spell cut the apple's stem, letting it fall into his hand.
All three boys were astounded. Arthas could not understand how he had willed the Light to work for him. Kenneth and Morgraine could not beleive that their friend had used the Light without any paladin trining.
The three decided to see if they all could use the Light. Morgraine was the next to try. He tried to immitate what Arthas had done, but no Smite spell ever came to him. A little angry, Margraine stomped his foot, setting holy fire to a nearby shrubery. Morgraine was astounded by this new working of the Light, but was overjoyed by the fact he could use it as well.
Next was Kenneth. His first attempt at a Smite spell also didn't work. He then tried to imitate Morgraine, also to no avail. Now, being even furthur angered than Morgraine had been, Kenneth's body began to pulsate an odd white.
At that very moment, outside the wall of the garden, an archer mistakingly shot a arrow over the wall, one heading straight for Kenneth. Kenneth had no time to dodge, but the arrow was caught by the aura(which was in fact a shield) and sent flying back over the wall, higher than it had the first time over.
The boys quickly rushed home to tell their parents. The next day, Uther Lightbringer, Highlord and founder of the Silver Hand, came to them, offering them a place in the Order. They all quickly accepted, and the next day were taken to the Hall of the Silver Hand to continue their training.

Life in the OrderEdit

For the next ten years of their life, Arthas, Morgraine, and Kenneth worked tirelessly with their new powers. Arthas was taught how to channel his powers intomore offensive spells, and became skilled in the ways of the hammer and mace. Kenneth, using his skills at blacksmithing, created for Arthas the legendary [Might of Menethil], which he held for many years before his succumb to the Lich King.
Morgraine was taught that his power of holy fire came from his soul, and was trained to augment it into his weapons and armor. These skills would furthur amiplify the powers of Ashbringer in later years. Kenneth, again, designed a suit of chain mail for Morgraine, now known as the Chain of the Scarlet Crusade, which was later copied after his own specifications, that he could easily amplify his powers with.
Kenneth was doing just as well in wrking with the Light. After months of study and training, Kenneth was able to cast an array of auras and sheilds with ease, as well as use powerful healing spells. Not only that, but Kenneth,s tactical abilities were far beyond that f his comrades. Even in the middle of a near-lost battle, Kenneth was able to quickly plan a way to victry for his men.
Arthas, Morgraine, and Kenneth quickly rose through the ranks of the Order. Morgrine was often placed on the front lines of battles,turning legions of the Scourge to ash with the touch of his blades. Arthas took large groups of strike forces into the rear of the enemy, massacuring them from the back and leaving the enemy unknown of Morgraine's assault from the front. Kenneth fought in the midst of his forces, casting large holy shields and healing waves to his men and yelling orders from atop his noble charger.
Yes, life in the Order was quite hectic, but life outside the Order was a far larger problem for Kenneth...

A Brawl, a Barmaid, a BabeEdit

The Hall of the Order was high in the hills above Southshore, and often on nights that tey were free from there holy tasks, Kenneth, Arthas, and Morgraine ventured down to the port town to unwind and relax. It was on one of these nights that the most memorable of things happened to Kenneth...

The port was full of trader's vessels that night, the local inn full of drunken sailors, merchants, and misbegotten travelers.
The trio of paladins walked into the tavern, went up to the bar, and ordered a round of dwarven ale.
While waiting for there drinks, Kenneth noticed a group of sailors hassling a young barmaid as she served them. He also noticed one of the group get up, grab the girl, and forcibly pull her down into a chair.
The girl struggled to get up, but two other sailors held her fast to the chair, while the group bent in on her, breath smelling of heavy liqour. The bartender noticed, yellng at the group to let the girl go.
One sailor apparently didn't appreciate being told what to do, especially in his drunken state. He stood from his chair, pulled a knife from his belt, and threw it at the bartender.
Quickly, Kenneth reacted, erecting a shield around the bartender. The knife bounced to the floor, angering the thrower, who advanced on Kenneth for interupting his throw.
Arthas reacted to help his friend, standing up and firing a concentrated holy shock at the advancing drunk, knocking the drunk back several feet and unconcious onto his back.
The other drunks didn't take too kindly to their friend's assailants. Several of the group rose to face the trio, pulling from their belts swords and knives and revolvers. Two others tied the barmaid to her chair, one holding a knife to her throat,the other a revolver at Arthas.Slowly, they advanced on the trio.
All three acted quickly, allthree quickly unsheathing their weapons and preparing for battle.

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