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General Information Edit


Minoche the Brave

Name: Minoché Aura Benoai

Race: Draenei

Realm: Barthilas

Faction: Kirin Tor

Age: 16

Class: Mage

Language: Draenei 100%/Common 75%

Description: Minoche stands at 6'9", having her goat like figure gives a nice edge to her abs. Her skin is blue and her hair is a black and in piggy-tails. Minoche has alot of rare clothing that she found or bought, normally she is wearing robes. Her eyes are a bright white and can be seen in the dark. She has two horns in the shape of a nearly complete circle. Her hooves are an important part of her body she sharpens them as much as she can for all the men to see.

Personality: Minoche is a very shy and timid girl. Minoche doesn't have much friends and does not go out alot. She has been known to sing quiet alot.

History Edit


Velen telling Minoche to help the affected.

Born in Shattrath City she lived in Terokkar Forest with her family whom were very social. Many nights her family hosted an event for tourists and locals. They were mages and used their powers for entertainment. However Minoche's brother Varlen was somehow gifted with a desire for shadow. When Minoche was 9 she watched her older brother kill all her family. Luckily Minoche had used invisibility and escaped Varlen's rage. Minoche had no choice but to seek refuge in Shattrath. Living in the scraps of the Lower City she became very sick because of malnutrition. She had no education and did not learn to control her magic abilities.

A few years later she had got word of The Exodar was leaving to find another race on another planet. She grabbed the chance to get this opportunity to leave her homeland and perphaps find a new way to live. After she left Shattrath she ventured to Tempest Keep which took her about 2 months to get to because living in Terokkar most of her life she did not know where to go. When she reached Tempest Keep she saw that the land was dying, The Netherstorm had broken up. She did not know why but she had heard half of her forest broke up as well.

Upon arrival she was a stowaway with many other orphans. Living in the deep engine room of the Exodar. One day she was caught by none other then Velen who had known of Minoche a very long time ago. Velen saw how wrecked and devastated she looked and took her into care. A few months later she was learning abilities that would soon guide her to a great mage. She befriend a girl she met suddenly and saw that she was very much alike Minoche and that it would seem right if they helped each other out. One day while practicing with Enorai the Exodar was attacked. Soon the engines died and everyone was getting into the pods. Enorai and Minoche were never seen together again. Minoche knew she had to survive. When she got into one she was pulled out by Velen who took her to an empty one. He said "When you arrive on the land outside you must help the affected and don't be shy. Use your abilities carefully and don't give up." With that she fell to the ground asleep. When she woke up she found herself in Azuremyst Isle. She did exactly what Velen told her to do and when it was time for her to leave she had become one of the Draenei's heroes.

Tyrande Whisperwind called for her assistance while she was roaming in Ashenvale forest. She asked Minoche if she would become part of the grand alliance as with the other Draenei's. Minoche sent this message to Velen and he gradually accepted her offer. Minoche has strong ties with the Night Elves and Humans of Stormwind.

A female mage by the name of Tabetha heard about her magnificent magic possessions, and called her via mages in Dalaran while Minoche was visiting the Kirin Tor. She agreed to train her in the ways of fire if Minoche did some quests for her. Minoche could not resist for she felt a pressence she had never felt while standing with other mages.

Currently Edit

Minoche has been noticed by all factions and is now being threated to death by the Scourge. Minoche is a very brave mage and will not bow down to anyone large or small in her path. Minoche is currently aiding people in Hellfire, Zangarmarsh and Terokkar Forest.

Notable Names Edit

Velen (Helped Minoche-Alive in The Exodar)
Tyrande Whisperwind (Helped Minoche become friends with the alliance)
Tabetha (Minoche's mentor and master)
Ner'Zhul (Mortal enemies)
Scourge (Wanted Dead/Alive)

Miscellaneous Edit

Although Minoche is very useful to the alliance, the Ironforge Dwarves and Gnomes are somewhat vicious to her even though she is a honored mage to them. Minoche has a long journey ahead of her and is unsure of what her future lies, but she knows that nothing can stop in her way. She will defeat the purpose she is returning to Outland, to kill the demonic Ner'zhul who she does not know if he is to blame for her people's turned madness. Nor does she know that he is the leader of the scourge as the Lich King. Perphaps that is why the scourge consider her as a threat.

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