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"What's life without death?" -Raran Witherwood

Early Childhood and Early Adulthood

Raran Witherwood was born 10 years before the First War. Raran grew up spoiled, but he was trained by some of the best Gilnean fighters. Raran never took an interest in war and fighting though, but he was skilled in politics and alchemy. Raran quickly learned the skill of Alchemy and Magic, but he did it secretly behind his father's back. Raran grew up smart, popular, and with politics and magic. Raran, when he was 22, fell in love with a young witch named Charrlot Rosemarry. Charrlot was what some people called crazy and evil, but Raran thought she was smart. Everyone knew she was very beautiful, no one argued at the point. She had long grand black hair and the most perfect face. Charrlot and Raran started sharing alchemy recipes and became quick best friends. Over time their relationship grew, when Raran was 25 he proposed. Charrlot and Raran were married and lived in their own Manor in Gilneas. One night Raran had a vision, he saw a red, fiery demon wielding a flaming trident. In the vision he saw himself and an entire cult of purple robed, hooded men taking it. Raran sensed the great power the trident wielded and set off on his quest. Raran quickly met the cult, they called themselves the Gilnean Guardians, believing that their cultist ways aided in the protection of Gilneas. With Raran they journeyed far south, to a cave in the Blasted Lands. Raran and the Cult entered the cave, only to see the same demon wielding the flaming trident surrounded by dead footmen and demonic knights. They fought quickly, the cultists and the knights seemed evenly matched, but the cultists outnumbered them. Three cultists remained, Raran and the demon were casting magic at eachother. The cultists grabbed the demon and held him still as Raran quickly found his staff and stabbed it through the demon with it. The demon, Shennozanbran, died with an explosion, leaving on cultist, the leader. The Leader and Raran reached for the Trident, and the trident chose. It flew into Raran's hands and begged it to sip the Leader's blood, Raran did better than that. Raran beheaded the leader then ran him through, turned him, then shook it left and right and cut him in half. After the incident Raran journeyed home, showing the marvel of the Trident to his wife. Charrlot was so amazed she nearly jumped in joy. That night Raran and Charrlot started the life of five children. Charrlot gave birth to them only two weeks after, being aided by one of Raran's spells of Growth and Speed. Raran and Charrlot gave birth to four boys and one girl. There was Raven, Davanas, Lorn, Boston, and Shari.

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