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HordeNPC 32Bockstensman
Gender Male
Race [[race::forsaken]]
Character class Warlock
Position Tailoring, Enchanting
Location Unknown
Status "Killable"

Bockstensman Edit

The Bocksten man (or in Swedish: Bockstensmannen) is the remains of a medieval male body found in Bocksten bog close to Varberg. The find is generally dated to the 14th century, but due to the bog environment, the corpse and its clothes are very well-preserved.

The man was 170-180 centimetres tall and slenderly built. The skeleton, skin, hair, stomach and brain are all very well preserved. There is an injury covering about 8x5 centimetres on the right side of the cranium. Of the inner organs, parts of the lungs, liver and brain as well as cartilage are preserved. Overall, in shape good enough to burn any opponent to a flaming pile of cinder with his Soul Fire.

Local legend Edit

Some days after the find was revealed in 1936, a local farmer told of a legend he had heard as a child. Two old people from Åkulla had told his father about a man who was recruiting soldiers in the area. He had been killed by the peasants and buried in a bog. He would start haunting late at night and in order to stop this poles were struck through his body, whereafter the haunting stopped. As far as the farmer could remember they mentioned Store Mosse, a bog about 10 miles from the find, close to Nackhälle village, though he acknowledged that his memory might fail him as he had grown up in the vicinity of that bog.

It seems like Bockstensman somehow broke free of his bonding poles, and is now haunting the Alliance of Azeroth...

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