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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


Just a little story about scourge. Please comment.

Chapter OneEdit

"At last the favoured comes foward." Sannlyn said without apathy. "You ascend at Jotunheim and think you are perfect. You will never be favourite."

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Sannlyn stepped down the icy stairs, her skeletal hands at her side. The huge vrykul snarled, his hands reaching for an axe. The walls were running with icy water from when the Paladins descended here, into Voltarus. "Watch it vrykul. What would Drakaru think of combat within these walls?" She hissed at him. He lowered his axe reluctantly with a terrible growl. "Now vrykul, preparations can begin." She said. "Preparations for what?" The vrykul grunted. "The death of Drakaru...and the claiming of that." She pointed towards the east end where Tirion Fordring stood with the Ashbringer. "Are you mad?" The vrykul exclaimed "As soon as he gets free, he will kill us both." The skeleton drew her staff which possessed three jewels around a skull that had been painted white. Her bone hands raised the staff which was a terrible weapon of the scourge. Suddenly, without warning the vrykul, Sannlyn shot a bolt of shadow at Tirion. He fell, groaning in pain. She appeared to grin, showing even wider teeth while the vrkul Thordas snarled. She sent another bolt into his chest, he groaned again.

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"So Tirion Fordring, master of Ashbringer! Release the blade to me and I will release you." She said. "The blade will never serve you!" He yelled to her. "If the blade won't join, you will." She spat at him. "Never!" He screamed, breaking the bonds and knocking her back. He raised the Ashbringer but she unleashed her shadow powers onto him. Again, he fell into a fit. "Vrykul, why serve the scourge? Break free!" He cried. Thordas gasped, trying to decide what to do, Sannlyn, Scourge or freedom. Sannlyn was a traitor and would be slew by the Lich King as soon as he arrived. After a painful moment, he gripped her from behind. Suddenly he raised her into the air and threw her over the walls. She landed, skull first, in the snow. "Master!" He called "We have a problem in the east ward!" After many painful moments of waiting, the Lich King, Kel'thuzad and Drakuru arrived. "See master, dis two be tryin' to betray me!" The cowardly Drakuru said to Arthas.

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"He was weak. He deserved to fall." Sannlyn called from the snowy ground. "Indeed?" The Lich King mused. "Yes." Sannlyn gasped from the snow. Thordas suddenly leapt down from the stones onto the snow and charged down the icy pathes that only vrykul could see.

Chapter TwoEdit

The Lich King looked at Sannlyn, without any change in his burning blue eyes. "So...the betrayer reveals it? Why to a vrykul? They're so loyal." He said. He suddenly started walking over, she struggled to move. He stepped down over the ledge as the struggled to stand. He reached her and she still couldn't move. It was revealed that he could speak a language that scourge knew. "Kel'thuzad. Borda ilz sae ren!" He said to Kel'thuzad who walked over as well. He lowered his hand towards Sannlyn and shot a volley of power. She could only watch as the Lich King walked towards Drakuru.

"You have failed me Drakuru." The Lich King said as he walked past. Suddenly he decapitated him. His head landed some feet away. Meanwhile Kel'thuzad continued to blast her with the dark energy. Her bones crumbled, her skull shattered and blue mist rose from her eyes. She choked under what ever Kel'thuzad was unleashing. "Enough Kel'thuzad!" The Lich King ordered. "Yes master." Kel'thuzad said and released Sannlyn from his power. She coughed repeatedly and then subsided. She raised her hand, it was glowing blue and sparking. The Lich King spoke. "Now...Lich...Hunt down the deserter tribe.". "I believe they are called the Ironhorn." Kel'thuzad said.

She bowed to both of them and leapt over the edge. When she disappeared over the icy peaks, the Lich King spoke. "Kel'thuzad, hunt down our vrykul traitor and make him a death knight. Send him back here and do the same for the Lich. I wish to see who is the more powerful.". "As you command master." Kel'thuzad said, bowed and leapt off the tiles and into the whirling snow.....

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