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Neutral 32Felendir
Title <The Exile>
Gender [[Gender::Male]]
Race [[race::human]]
Position Herbalist, Alchemist
Location Goldshire
Alignment chaotic good


Felendir was heir to a Human city state. Unfortunately it was destroyed by Horde during a battle, and all inhabitants except him were killed. He was moved to Stormwind and trained as a Warrior. He developed a tendency for Fury skills. Then he moved to Goldshire, staying for a while until he heard about the situation in Northshire. He went to Northshire, defeated the Defias there and moved back to Goldshire, from there he hit all the Defias bases in Elwynn. He went to Westfall and killed Edwin VanCleef. Now he stands poised to strike his greatest enemy: Warchief Thrall and the ruler of the Horde.

Personality and TraitsEdit

He is bold yet careful, maintaining a front of menace but, in truth, he is a guardian of peace. He cares a lot for nature and goes out of his way to protect it.


Today he prepares to kill Thrall and the Horde leadership but he has yet to discover the threat of the Burning Legion and Scourge.

In CombatEdit

He attacks the biggest threats first, holding nothing back. Then he will use a crossbow on the smaller threats. He is fury specced.

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