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Neutral 32Athynn Hyakk
BloodElfM Season3
Gender Male
Race High elf
Affiliation The Hand of Stone
Position Diplomat
Location Blade's Edge Mountain


He was born in Auberdine. He was a excellent diplomat, even persuading a Horde raid to leave. He was recruited as a diplomat into the Hand of Stone. He is friends with Aranor. He enjoys fruit juice and milk over alcohol.


Today he is in Ogri'la, trying to parley with the Ogres. He maintains contact through letters. He is only a trainee hunter, training with his group. The group is led by the veteran hunter Maldore Bowswift, one of the greatest living hunters. He is too old for it all though and simply advises the group. Although it is said that, if needed, he can fight with the best of them.

He spends quite a bit of time training and honing his skill. He is not crazy, he just appreciates the art of hunting. He prefers the bow over pets and pets over melee weapons. He also enjoys tailoring.

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