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Brenden was born in Stormwind, shortly after it was retaken by Sir Lothar and his forces. Brenden was the second son of a warrior named Jaymes and a farm maiden from Goldshire named Glorien. While the army used Stormwind as the base of their operations in the second war, the wives of the soldiers, along with the refugees that weren't able to combat the horde, focused on rebuilding Stormwind to its former glory. Shortly after her son's birth, Glorien died of a disease contracted from the orcish germs left during their occupation. Since her illness was foreign, the apothecaries could do little but make her comfortable for her oncoming death. Unfourtantly, at the same time, Jaymes was struck down in the field of battle by a vicious sneak attack by the orcs. Brenden and his Older brother Adiam were now orphans. Elisa Nightingale, being a close friend of Glorien, decided to take care of the children on her behalf. Many other children brought to Stormwind were sadly orphaned soon-after, so Nightingale decided to open her own orphanage to take care of the children.

Thirteen years later, Adiam joined the Stormwind army. Never forgiving the Orcs for causing the death of his father as well as his mother (Albeit, indirectly). Brenden found himself alone for the first time in his life. As he wandered Stormwind in a depression, he saw that the Cathedral of the Light, which they had been building for ten long years, was finally constructed. Upon learning of the rich history of the Paladins, he decided to aspire to become one.

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