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I made it clear in the following posts on the vashj forums that I was removing a number of guilds for not being active participants in 25 man raiding.

You will notice that the guild Cataclysm and Bacon are both on the list of guilds for the server, but they are not involved in 25 man raiding and so cannot be considered active members of that list.

I gave Furean several oppurtunities to show proof that they have downed a 25 man boss, but so far those attempts have failed.

I did recieve permission from members of the guild Bacon for removing them from the progression list.

Both times I have been reported as a vandal on this site, it as been by guild leaders who do not understand the nature of the progression charts. I do not hold it against them, but I do feel as though I am wasting time having to respond in posts like this what I am doing.

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