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HordeNPC 32Solus'kad Dawnflight
Solus&#039;kad sketch
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Character class Paladin, Warrior (temporarily)
Affiliation Horde, Silvermoon (formerly Alliance)
Position Blood Knight
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Sid'nas Dawnflight (father), Blad'nas Dawnflight (brother), Freiiya Dawnflight (sister)

Father's LegacyEdit

Sid'nas Dawnflight was one of the elite Rangers lead by Alleria Windrunner during the Second War. While serving the Alliance, he began to notice the strengths the elves had while working with the "lesser races." Before he left on his final mission, he left a message to his two sons; encouraging them to find bonds with their new allies. He felt that the elves greatest weakness was their self-seclusion, which would leave them stranded if there was another war. Shortly afterwards he disappeared with Alleria and the rest of the Alliance Expedition.

True CallingEdit

The disappearance of Alleria and her rangers took a great toll on the elves of Silvermoon and it was not long afterwards that the high elves formally withdrew from the Alliance. In keeping with their fathers wishes, Solus'kad and Blad'nas decided to travel to the Alliance capital of Lordaeron.

Upon arriving at the city, the two brothers first decided to check the nearby barracks to see if any had met their lost father. While there, they witnessed a demonstration of a paladins great healing abilities. Solus (who was very devout for an elf) was entranced and began to inquire about the paladins abilities. He eventually left with the paladin to learn more of his ways. Blad'nas, while also curious, found the whole city to be stifling, and said farewell to his brother.

Solus'kad was introduced to many powerful members of the Knights of the Silver Hand, and after witnessing their power, decided to follow their path and become one of them. Thus, he became one of the few elven paladins in the order. Undergoing training, he quickly proved to be a natural, and was both devout and modest. Many commented that he could become an excellent priest, but himself stated that that he was more comfortable using the sword to fight for the Light. Unlike many of his fellow paladins, he preferred to use a sword over the mace, as it felt more natural to him. The following years showed great growths for the young elf; and he became powerful in ways of the light, and a fine warrior in his own right.

The Light FadesEdit

Years pass by, and whispers of a plague of undeath begin to circulate in Lordaeron. Uther the Lightbringer and the young Arthas Menethil begin to investigate the mysterious events happening in their borders. Solus joins them in battle and its not long before their suspicions are confirmed, and undead are discovered. As he and his fellow paladins defend the land, they are greeted by another ally. Blad'nas has completed his training in the ways of the ways of the ranger, and comes to aid Lordaeron in the fight.

While the two brothers are glad to see each other after many years, there is much to do. Blad'nas proceeds to aid the front lines with his scouting and tracking abilities, and Solus'kad follows with the rest of Uther's paladins. Each passing day the legions of undead grow and become stronger. Solus is horrified to hear the true story behind the scourge and watches with horror the tragedy at Brill.

Upon reaching Stratholme it is discovered that the feed that causes the plague has already been distributed, and Uther and Arthas bicker about what to do. Uther refuses Arthas's orders to slaughter the civilians (whom shall soon become undead), and Arthas in his fury disbands the Silver Hand. Solus became demoralized at the sight of his mentor and the future king, and is further shocked at the fact that the Silver Hand is no more. He leaves with Uther, Jaina, and his brother; but returns later to find the town in ruins.

He began to question his motives in life. Was this what he was really after? Was the Light he served led by the hands of madness? Did his father really want him to aid these people? Crushed and depressed, he refused to support the Alliance further. Against his friends (and brother's) wishes. He departed to Silvermoon, apathetic to the plight of the humans. They could solve their problems without him.

The Foretold ShadowEdit

Upon arriving in Quel'thelas, he retreated to his family home in Suncrown Village. He isolated himsef, and was only comforted by the presence of his sister Freiiya. He continued to wonder what he should do with himself.

Months passed, and a shadow began to creep over the land. The scourge, lead by the Death Knight Arthas, had defeated Lordearon and Quel'thelas was the next target of the Lich King's power. Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner fought valiantly to defend the land, but eventually the Scourge forces broke through. In Silvermoon's dire hour Solus'kad released himself from his isolation, and fought desparatley to keep the undead from claiming their land. As his fellow elves fell he remembered what his father had told him, and retreated with the survivors to the gates of Silvermoon.

It was here that Solus and his fellow elves made their stand. With newfound strength he swept across the undead, but it was not long until the line was breeched. Calling what powers he could, he continued to heal his comrades and fight the scourge, but it was clear that the city was lost. As he and his allies tried to defend the evacuees, he was impaled in his side by the death knight's sword, and was thrown clear of the battle. He tried to focus his strength to help his people, but began to loose focus and faded into unconsiousness. Was this the end for his people?

Rise of the Blood ElvesEdit

He woke to find himself outside Quel'thalas's boundries, surrounded by refugees that had fled the disaster. A priest had found him in his need, and had narrowly saved him from death. However, the cursed sword had a lingering effect that the light could not heal. He was crippled, and while still able to wield his sword and armor, the holy light that he had once been able to wield was gone. His people dispaired over the great loss of their people, and united under their prince, Kael'thas Sunstrider. They renamed their people the Blood Elves in rememberance of the many elves that had been slaughtered in the battle.

As Kael'thas moved the majority of his forces to aid the crumbling Lordaeron army, the rest of the survivors began a counteroffensive to take back their homeland. In spite of having lost his light wielding abilities, he nonetheless took up his sword and shield and fought vaiantly for his homeland.

However, the elves were also haunted by an cravings of an unknown nature, that neither food nor drink could qualm. Freiiya, along with some of the sick and elderly, began to succumb to an unknown sickness, and Solus began to fear for his peoples lives.

The Lingering CurseEdit

In time they learned the truth about their mystical Sunwell and that they were suffering from withdrawl from their precious magic. Some of Kael'thas's servants returned and passed on techniques to siphon magic from other sources to solve their cravings. Solus was appauled at the acions their people took, but feared for his sister's life. He ultamitely succumbed to his addiction, and began siphoning demonic energies to heal himself, and aided in curing Freiiya of her sickness. The process, however took a toll on their appearance, Solus's and Freiiya's eyes began to glow with an emerald color, and Freiiya's skin and hair faded to a pale color.

As he fought his addiction, as well as the undead, he developed a close relationship with the surviving members of the Ranger Corps and Farstriders who were close friends of his brother. After many, many fierce battles, they were reinforced by Kael'thas's returning forces and retook their beloved Quel'thalas.

He was appauled at the horrific state that the city of Silvermoon had fallen into, began to aid in its reapairs. He hastily returned to Suncrown Village to find it infested with Crypt Fiends, and recovered as much of his family's belonings as he could.

The Stealing of the LightEdit

Returning from outland, Kael'thas's servants brought with them a captive being of light called M'uru. Solus was appauled at the sight of the other elves siphoning energy from the being, and protested its ill treatment. However, he could not help but feel jealous of the new Blood Knights that were formed using its power. The renegade paladins mocked him for not taking the power for his own like they had.

After much thought, he visited the captive Naaru. He was awed by the holy powers it possesed, and found himself being permanently cured of his curse. He became a blood knight, but vowed to remain endebted to M'uru, and thanks him for his blessings. He had never forgotten his paladin vows, and quickly became an oddity amung his fellow paladins.

Current StatusEdit

Solus&#039;kad 1

Solus'kad in Thousand Needles

Solus is fairly average in size and appearance for a blood elf. He has medium colored skin (light/pale compared to human standards), green eyes, and light brown hair. He is usually seen wearing red and black clothing, typical of blood elven style. He has a friendly demeanor, if somewhat unsure of himself. He is very devout, unlike most blood knights, and continues to wield and serve the light as opposed to the typical blood elven view of controlling it.

In combat he is skilled in fighting "sword and board" and rarely deviates from that path. He is a strong follower of the Holy tree and during his brief period as a warrior developed his protection skills. Since regaining his light wielding powers, he has devoted himself to the protection and ressurection of his people.

In spite of being a Blood Knight, he has many friends amung the Farstriders and is often trying to settle qualms between the two factions. He admires their abilities, and they also remind him of his brother. He has not seen nor heard any signs of Blad'nas since they separated at the culling of Stratholme.

He was wary of his people joining the Horde having a strong distrust of Orcs, Trolls, and Undead; but has become close with his new allies due to common bonds. He come to admire the Orcs in their reawakening as a people under Thrall, and has become friends with the Forsaken that have regained their free will and help fight the Scourge with them. He is fond of the Tauren and enjoys the lush greenery of their homeland of Mulgore. He has become an ambassador of sorts, wishing to finally fufill his father's wishes, and works to strengthen his people's position in the horde.

He avoids Undercity however, he's not fond of the Abominations that patroll the city, and is equally leery of the "green goo" that has seemingly replaced the source of water in the area. (He also had an "accident" with the elevators that he does not like to talk about)

Like most blood elves he is actively searching a route to Outland to reunite with the rest of his people. He often wonders what has happened to them and their beloved prince Kael'thas.


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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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