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AllianceNPC 32Blayaden Duskwatcher
Blayaden sketch
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Character class Warrior
Affiliation Alliance, Darnassus, Theramore
Position Warrior, Scout
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Kalyka Duskwatcher (sister), Michan Duskwatcher (sister)


Blayaden Duskwatcher is a young night elf warrior. He was born after the Second War, but was too young to help defend his people’s lands when his people “awakened” during the Third War. He has a natural sense of wanderlust and spends much of his time in the wilderness. (Claiming not to be lost) Unlike most Night Elves, he is very outgoing (being only slightly aloof) and were quick to become friends with the people in the new city of Theramore. He has since traveled into the human lands of the Eastern Kingdoms, where he stumbled upon Blad’nas Dawnflight, and after a long discussion about their past and histories, became suprisingly good friends.

In many ways Blayaden is ying to Blad’nas’s yang. He is very friendly and does not care for hostilities from wrongdoing from things so long ago. He has become aware of the plight the High Elves are in, and is trying everything he can do to help his friends. He has some qualms against arcane magic, but those are mostly from being a night elf. Unlike most male Night Elves, he has little aptitude for druidic abilities, but enjoys nature just as much. He spends much of his time now with Blad’nas learning new techniques. He is a skilled swordsman, and a suprisingly good archer. He is a tad bit naïve of the new world to him, but that will likely change as he gains experience.

He is a strong supporter of the Alliance, and of the Night Elves (even though he thinks that they are a tad bit stuffy), and bears no hard feelings toward any sentient species. He considers cities like Ironforge and Stormwind to be extraordinarily interesting. He strongly dislikes the Forsaken expressing hostility towards them when they meet. (Likely he does not know the difference between the scourge that destroyed so many lands, and the Forsaken who are free willed… but still not up to any good.) He is used to Tauren, and often leaves them alone. The rest of the Horde means little to him… unless they trespass on Alliance lands or are openly hostile.


Blayaden 1

Appearance at level 24

Blayaden wmv

a much more "current" appearance

Blayaden has pinkish/purple skin, normal for most Night Elves, and Bluish/purple hair. He usually dresses in blue, gold, or silver. He is quick, light on his feet (in spite of heavy armor), and intelligent, able to come up with brilliant battle strategies on the fly. In spite of being a warrior, has a slightly smaller frame than most night elves. (but still taller than high elves and humans) He is usually seen either going "sword and board" or using powerful two handed swords. He is also handy with a bow, thanks to his interacions with Blad'nas.


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