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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Currently, I have three hero class ideas. They are:

  • The incredibly popular Runemaster hero class, who can be available to everyone, or if one is more lore-conservative, Tauren and Dwarves (conceivably other races too).
  • The Exemplar class, available to everyone.
  • The Witch doctor class, available to Trolls and Gnomes (?).

Starting with the Runemaster...

Runemaster Edit

This popular hero class idea is a unique addition to WoW which specializes in buffs. They are available to tauren and dwarves, and start at level 40. [REVISED AFTER PATCH 3.2 PTR NOTES: Starting level: 65)

  • Specialty: Fast DPS
  • Weapons: Unarmed, Fist Weapons, Daggers, One-Handed Swords
  • Armor: Cloth, Leather
  • Races: All

Runemasters will probably share gear itemization with boomkins (who need to share gear with people), since their attacks will benefit from spell power instead of attack power.

Runemaster Lore Edit

The runemaster is a mystical, spiritual class of tauren and dwarven origin which came to light under Chieftain Sighthoof, a tauren runemaster who began taking on apprentices. In Ironforge, a correspondant of his, another runemaster, began suggesting the same things to his students. The idea spread, and eager apprentices arose, hoping to become runemasters.

Runemaster Basics Edit

The Runemaster is a buffing class that wears cloth, yet fights unarmed or with fist weapons in MELEE combat. [REVISED: This looks an awful lot like the enhancement shaman.] They have high armor and stamina stats, as well as very high spirit and strength [REVISED: Intellect instead of strength]. The runemaster casts Rune spells using a mana bar or maybe a Rune bar. They can cast these buffs to their hands, chest, legs, feet and head, or to cloth armor in those slots. The buffs have different affects depending on their element or which slot they are cast to. The armor slots can affect the buffs such as:

  • Head buffs, which are usually related to Intellect and Spirit, or stealth perception.
  • Chest buffs, relating to increased Stamina, resilience or armor, or health over time.
  • Legs buffs, often dealing with increased Agility or damage through kicks.
  • Hands buffs, increasing Strength and damage done, or attack speed.
  • Feet buffs, for movement or swim speed increases, and more kicking boosts.

[REVISED: Too many different stats. Remove Strength and Agility from Hand and Leg buffs. Replace Agility with flat dodge chance percentage (similar to Aspect of the Monkey), replace Strength with flat parry chance percentage.]

Runemasters fight with kicks too, and can swipe at their enemies with their legs as well as arms. They can buff only unequipped slots or ones with cloth, and can sometimes lack use in mail and plate-wearing teams. The runemaster carries a "relic"-style item called an Inkpot, which can be filled with Ink to use runes and sometimes increase rune buff damage and what kind of runes you can cast, or "paint". The Inkpot must be equipped to cast all runes, but Runemasters can grind powder from beast corpses [REVISED: Make all corpses.] to make a useful "supplement" for ink. [REVISED: What this means is that the Runemaster will have a class-specific profession which will allow them to turn ground powders from corpses into inks. Combinations of inks (colour-coded, like Red + Blue = Purple Ink) will give different buffs.]

[ADDITIONAL SECTION (added June 21st, 2009)] What makes the Runemaster different from the Enhancement Shaman is that many of their buffs are self-cast, not shared like those of a Shaman. Groups will want them for their debuffs on the target. Runemasters' ink runes will place numerous different debuffs on their targets, which will be refreshed by specific attacks. These debuffs could increase damage taken by the target, increases critical strike chance on the target, reduce target's ability to dodge, etc.

Sample Runemaster Spells and Talents Edit

Runemasters' talent trees are divided into Runes, Combatant and Scripture.

(Sorry, it's a link. Looks more realistic!)


Runes Spell: (obtained from trainer] Chest: Great Breath - 5% of base mana, instant cast - The runemaster's lungs fill with air, increasing Stamina by 4. (rank 1) [REVISED: This effect lasts until the runemaster casts another chest ability. Also, because Runemasters start at level 65, Stamina buff at rank 1 will increase to 75.]

Runes Spell: [talent] Rune of Pain - 69% of base mana, instant cast - The runemaster creates a runic circle around him, damaging all enemies with a 15 yard radius for 1900 over 7 seconds.

Combatant Spell: [obtained from trainer] Fist of Fury - 6% of base mana, next melee attack - The runemaster consumes the ink rune on their hand, causing their next attack to apply Furious Strike on the target, increasing all incoming damage done by 10%. Lasts 30 seconds. [Can be glyphed to not consume the ink.]

Combatant Spell: [passive talent] Without Mercy - The runemaster's autoattacks have a 6%/12%/18%/24%/30% chance to increase his/her attack speed by 50% for 6 seconds.

Scripture Spell: [obtained from trainer] Melt Ink - instant cast - The runemaster melts all ink runes into his body, creating a shield that will grant immunity for 10 seconds. While immune, the runemaster cannot cast spells or attack. 2 minute cooldown.

Scripture Spell: [talent] Ink of Nature - requires Green Ink The runemaster applies an Ink of Nature on his feet, causing each of his kicks to heal him/her for 2% of damage done over 12 seconds. Stacks 5 times. [Can be glyphed to heal over 8 seconds.]

Kicks: An important change with Runemasters is that they have three forms of autoattack: Punches, Swings (when carrying Swords, Combatant-spec) and Kicks (Punches and Swings are separate abilities, Kicks is a passive ability which is automatically mixed in). While a Runemaster cannot perform Punches with Swords equipped (they can still with dagger, but more like "knifing"), they can always kick their enemy. Kicks are not affected by weapon stats (with leg inks, they can receive 50% of the bonuses of the main hand weapon), but they allow the use of strong abilities. Each time a runemaster swings their sword or punches/stabs their target, they will kick the target for 50% of the attack's damage. [This will be balanced with other classes DPS, because the runemaster will be hitting the target a LOT and very fast.]

more coming soon!

Exemplar Edit

Banner-wielding is a relatively unexplored part of WoW warfare. The exemplars hold huge flags in order to guide troops in battle. Banners are for armies. Armies like raids, which are endgame content specific. Exemplars will be much more necessary in group settings, where they will function better. This makes soloing harder, but exemplars will really shine at max level.

The Basics Edit

Exemplars will use a presence-type system more like a death knight than a warrior. They will have long range buffs, and a variety of abilities, some that will heal, and some that will damage.

  • Specialty: Buffs/Support
  • Weapons: Polearms, Staffs, Maces, Two Handed Maces
  • Armor: Cloth, Leather, Mail
  • Races: All

Exemplars will probably share gear itemization with resto and elemental shamans.

Mechanics Edit

An exemplar starts at level 65 in their personal quest hub to get used to their class mechanics. It will either be a new area or a phased part of Old Azeroth. They start with one Presence: War Banner, which increases damage done by 4% (8% with talents) and increases spirit by 5%. Only one presence can be active at a time on a target, i.e. they don't stack.

They can fight from a distance, or even in melee, but they have a reliance on their weapons, which helps determine their specialty. Staffs, healing/spell maces will be used for spells and heals, while polearms are extremely useful for their uses in melee combat, as well as a number of support abilites. Exemplars will start carrying polearms. They have a relic slot which holds a Flag item, which functions relatively similarly to other relics.

The Banner Edit

The exemplar has three different banners: the War Banner, the Rally Banner and the Aid Banner. They are all learned within the beginning quest hub in order that Exemplars can fulfill all their functions as soon as they enter Northrend. Each banner has an effect range of 50 yards.

The War Banner is the first one learned, at the starting level, 65, and it increases all damage done by 4% untalented (8% with talents), along with granting additional spirit like all the other banners. This banner is best for soloing, but excels well in boss fights when strong DPS is necessary.

The Rally Banner is learned at level 66, soon after the War Banner. This banner is more for support/buff usage, as it increases the effect of all buffs and procs by 35% (70% with talents), along with the default 5% spirit increase. This means that, for example, if a mage casts Arcane Intellect while the Rally Banner is up, instead of +60 intellect (level 80 rank), it will grant 81 (112 with talents), or if a trinket such as Illustration of the Dragon Soul procced, it would grant 27 more spellpower on each cast (34 with talents). Ice Barrier would give, instead of 3300 points of shielding, 4455 points (5610 with talents). The Rally Banner really shows itself when talents are used to increase its effect, but the 35% increase is not very significant except for abilites which proc large amounts (Commanding Shout, Power Word: Shield, etc.).

The last banner, the Aid Banner, is obtained at level 68. This ability grants 10% spirit-based regeneration (stacks with the troll racial passive ability) to everyone in range, in or out of combat, and the spirit increase. This banner is most useful for healing, although it doesn't directly affect the exemplar's heals. Because of this, it is not necessary unless the exemplar places talents to improve it. The talent grants the Aid Banner the additionnal ability to increase the effect of all healing spells on targets within 35 yards of the exemplar (almost like Beacon of Light).

Spells & Abilities Edit

The exemplar begins with a healing spell, a damage spell and two buffs.

  • Flag of Divinity - Waves a holy flag, healing the target for X damage over Y seconds. (in short, a HoT)
  • Bloody Pike - (requires polearm) Impales the target for X damage, causing them to bleed for Y damage over Z seconds (attack with bleed effect, must have a polearm equipped to use)
  • Warcry - Shouts a battle cry to improve morale. Increase the strength and intellect of all friendly targets in 25 yards by X for 10 minutes. (pally blessing meets warrior shout)
  • Shield Call - Calls for 2 defensive shields to protect the target, each charge reducing damage taken by 10%. Each time the target is hit by a melee attack, a charge is removed. Stacks up to 5 times, granting immunity to all damage at 10 charges, but preventing the target from moving or casting spells once they have more than 5 charges. Lasts 20 seconds. (damage mitigation which turns into a bubble effect, does not grant immunity to passive damage)

Exemplars do not have class-specific mounts, but they receive a custom mount based on their race at level 66.

At later levels they can learn:

  • Battlewind - Summons a mystical wind, healing all targets within 15 yards of the target for X.
  • Retreat - Calls for a retreat, summoning the friendly target to the exemplar. 2 minute cooldown. (reduced with talents)
  • Cavalry Rush - Waves the banner to motion for a charge, increasing the movement speed of all mounted targets in thirty yards by 10%/20%. Can be used while mounted. (Crusader Aura)
  • Horrifying Scream - The exemplar screams, terrifying the target, disarming them and preventing them from attacking. Lasts five seconds.
  • Wrathful Banner - The exemplar plants a banner in the ground. All targets within ten yards of the banner will take X holy damage every 5 seconds. Only one banner can be planted at one time.
  • Death Banner - The exemplar plants a banner which drains a target's soul, causing X shadow damage over Y seconds, and drags the target towards the Death Banner. After Y seconds, the Death Banner fades. Only one banner can be planted at one time.
  • Blinding Banner - The exemplar lifts his banner high in the air, blinding all targets within 20 yards, reducing their armour by 5%/10%/15%. While the banner is held in the air, the exemplar cannot use any abilities or cast any spells.

Talents Edit

The exemplar's three talent trees are War, Morale and Aid, the damage, buffs and healing trees, respectively.

War Tree Edit

Talents will be focused around damaging the target in melee range. This is the DPS and soloing tree.

  • Bloody Banners [5 points, tier 7] - For each banner planted in the ground (an Exemplar can plant as many as three banners in the ground at the same time before one fades), the exemplar has a 5%/10%/15%/20%/25% chance to increase the attack power of all party or raid members within 10 yards by 10%. (a twist on Unleashed Rage)
  • Unstoppable Charge [2 points, tier 2] - Whenever you kill an enemy that grants experience or honour, your movement speed increases by 5%/10% for 20 seconds. Does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.
  • Warcryer [5 points, tier 9] - Your critical strike chance with polearms is increased by 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%. Additionally, your Warcry increases your haste by 1% for each affected party member.

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