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AllianceNPC 32Dal'dieb "Blackivy" Thero'shan
Title <Exalted Officer of the Rebellion>
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Level 50+
Affiliation Darnassus
Location Unknown

General InformationEdit

Alliance 32 - Alliance "Rebel" \ Rebellion Officer
IconLarge NightElf Female - Night Elf Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter / Ability hunter bestialdiscipline - Hunter / Beast Mastery Specialty
APB Skill Skinning - Skinning
APB Skill Leatherworking - Leatherworking (Dragonscale)

Information KnownEdit

 * Blackivy can usually be found with her wolf, Jabberwalky.


Quotes from BlackivyEdit

 * "You live longer if you don't annoy me. Perhaps even a week or more."
 * (About Dashade) "You remind me considerably of a chipmunk with a sugar high and a death wish."
 * "If a tree falls in a forest... I'll kill the bastard that did it!"
 * "Justice may be blind... but I'm not."
 * "You are amusing, in a 'what the hell is wrong with you' kind of way."

Quotes about BlackivyEdit

 * "That tattoo on her face. Does it have tribal significance or did some nursery's finger-painting class assault her with the blue pastels?" - Dashade

Quotes WITH BlackivyEdit

o Ivy: You’ve got the taint of the Burning Legion within you? Does this mean you will turn into a demon as well?
o Ash: I certainly hope not. I... I've been thinking more and more lately about that though.
o Ivy: It must be an awful feeling. I cannot imagine how Dash deals with it.
o Ash: Yeah... He's been dealing with it longer, too. Sometimes, when it's quiet, I can hear the taint whispering to me. (pauses)
o Ash: It says horrible things. I almost want to scream to shut them out.
o Ivy: You... haven't done anything that it's said, have you?
o Ash: Well... other than that time I got up in the middle of the night to snatch a bag of cinnamon cookies, heck no.
o Ivy: Oh, goo-... what? Cinnamon cookies?
o Ash: *laughs* Lighten up, will ya? I'll tell ya what... (pauses)
o Ash: If I have any desires to murder you in the middle of the night, you'll be the first to know, okay?
o Ivy: That's not very funny. Dash never makes fun of his condition that way.
o Dash: Well, it's been so much easier when I discovered all the Burning Legion really wants is a sandwich...
o Ivy: Oh, fine. Everyone seems determined to make fun of me. I'll stand back here, thank you.
o Ivy: Will you dig deeper for a bigger set of balls because you're going to need it before we're through.
o Dash: Wow, I know that tone. It's just wierd hearing it from someone with hair.
o Unknown Human: Do you realize you have twigs in your hair, dirt under your fingernails and mud on your boots?
o Unknown Human: You’re a filthy mess. Take a bath.
o Ivy: And your point? We’re all filthy. We’re all unwashed and tired and hungry. (Turns to face them)
o Ivy: Shut up and tell someone who cares.


 * Is in love with an elf.
 * Said elf may be female
 * Is in love with a gnome.
 * Is in love with her wolf, Jabberwalky.


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