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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Demon Hunters are one of the coolest classes of characters out there and has been loved by fans ever since we first met Illidan. Thus it would only be natural for them to become a Hero Class. Introduced in Warcraft 3 both as a playable hero class in custom games and as a Cannon hero Class of Illidan Stormrage, Demon Hunters were a popular hero choice for Night Elf players. With easter eggs such as Telarius Voidstrider, it seems Blizzard may be planning to turn Demon Hunters into a playable class. With it already being shown that it is possible to train new Demon Hunters of a non-Night Elf race, the possibility of this class becoming real is decent.


They will follow the same standard as the Death Knight being that you will only need have a level 55 character to make a demon hunter, and whatever Expansion pack they are released with, most likely an Argus related Xpac, not only because it was mentioned they wanted to eventually send players to Argus, but also because it is the stronghold of the Burning Legion, allowing Demon Hunters to really shine.


To become a Demon Hunter you will have to choose between two races. The only two races that have ever been seen as Demon Hunters, Night Elves and Blood Elves. This fits in well with lore cause both have been and are being trained as Demon Hunters and it gives players the choice of Alliance or Horde. For the sake of having more choices and creating new lore, Orcs and Draenei could both be able to become Demon Hunters, since both races have dealt with demons in the past, and are eager to destroy them. Doing this will also give new lore to both Burning Crusade races, allowing them to finally do SOMETHING.

Starting AreaEdit

Both the Draenei and Orc starting zones will be identical, and will take place in a peaceful area with a draenei village and an Orc village nearby. Setting could possibly Nagrand, or Terrokar Forest. Both the Night and Blood Elf zones will also be identical, taking place both in the Black Temple and Terrokar Forest.

Draenei: With the opening cinematic, it would be made clear you are years in the past, during a time where Draenei still lived on Outland in peace with the uncorrupted orcs. But, the legion discovers the Draenei once again and provokes the orcs into attacking, while you continue you're training as a Paladin. The Orcs attack, and you notice they are different, red, evil. They seem to gain power from drinking from a fountain of blood. Making your way there, fighting through dozens of Fel Orcs, you discover the fountain is Demon Blood. With the orcs closing in both on you and your draenei family, you make a decision to drink the blood yourself, corrupting yourself, but gaining great power. Transformed into a demon, you destroy the Orcs, "saving" your village, but when the draenei recoil in disgust, you kill them all as well. As your Metamorphosis fades, you are left in a village of carnage, surrounded by the bodies of Fel Orcs and you Draenei Village, family and friends. Hating yourself, you wander Outland while the Orcs continue their rampage, until Outland is shattered. Using knowledge you learned before your Demon Hunter life, you protect yourself from the cataclysm with Draenei Technology. After the explosion, you are introduced to the Alliance through the Broken, who found you and accepted you, despite your corrption. They bring you to A'dal in Shattrah city, where you are accepted into the Alliance by the Aldor.

Orcs: Similar to the Draenei starting zone, except you take the place of an uncorrupted Orc shaman who alongside his tribe drinks demon blood, and attacks a draenei village. In your opening cinematic, it clarifies this is all in the past and Outland is whole. You walk around your village and learn from your brother/sister that the tribe leader has grown secretive. Mischievous, you spy on him, and get caught by a demon who drags you into the tent, shows you that your leader has just drank Demon Blood, then murders your sibling and forces you to drink blood. Possessed by rage, the rest of the village soon falls to corruption due to the trust they have for the tribal leader. The Demon himself leads the attack on the Draenei Village, and you slaughter tons of draenei. When you kill the Paladin of the Draenei village, you transform into a true demon (You drank your siblings corrupted blood, it empowered you more than others) and regain your senses, but keep your rage. You destroy the demon and the orcs he commands, and retreat in grief to the wilderness. A true demon, you shift into the void for time, and survive the shattering by doing so. When you return, awakened from your grief by the destruction, you wander until you are found by the Mag'har, and seeing uncorrupted Orcs releases you from vengeance and grief. They warily help you, and eventually you learn you must go to A'dal in Shattrah city, where the Scryers study and invite you to the Horde.

Night Elves: Starter cinematic will explain that you are a Naga under the command of Lady Vashj, a survivor of the Sundering and a very old and powerful naga. Sent to guard the Black Temple, you have the privilige of guarding Illidan and his 5 Blood Elf apprentices while they train. When 3 apprentices struggle with the magic aspect of the training, you cannot stop yourself from mocking them by casually performing the magic without flaw. Shocked that you have learned so much, Illidan banishes you from the Guard, and relegates you to help guard the Warden Maiev Shadowsong. While guarding her, you continue to practice the arts of a Demon Hunter as best you can, while Maiev encourages you and tries to befriend you (She hates you, she just wants to be let out) not falling for her tricks, you never the less take her advice and learn finesse movements. Eventually, she speaks of how to bargain with demons for power (She knows this from guarding Illidan all those years) and explains how. Confident you can handle it, you use metamorphosis and transform into a demon, you are quickly attacked by jailors but you destroy them while Maeiv covers herself. Panicked and enraged, you howl and Maiev for the first time is afraid, and recalls her time as a priestess and prays to the Moon Goddess, Elune. Even in Outland, the light of Elune sears and burns you to near death, until the demon fades, along with your Naga body, you are left sick and shivering on the floor, returned to your original night elf body you have not had since the Sundering over Ten Thousand years ago. When you awake, the bodies of the slain naga jailors were evaporated, apparently not worthy of being saved, and Maiev has passed out from the exertion of the prayer. Afraid of being seen in your Night Elf form, you run from the Black Temple, to the safety of Terrokar forest where you are discovered by the Naaru. They tell you that it was not Elune but they who heard your prayers and exorcised you, and that they see greatness in your future. They direct you to the Draenei of the Aldor for further healing and training, but the Demon never truly leaves. When Night Elves arrive in Shattrah, they do not attack you as the Naga jailors did, but warily accept you into the alliance, claiming they have experience with Elves who walked the line between good and evil. Overwhelmed by the kindness of the Naaru, Maiev, the Kaldorei, you are accepted into the alliance and swear vengeance against the Illidari.

Blood Elves: The opening cinematic will make it clear you are in the shattered Outland, during the Burning Crusade, being taught alongside a five other apprentices (Varedis, Leotheras the Blind, etc.) the arts of a Demon Hunter. You perform well, while the others, except for Varedis, struggle. Illidan congratulates the two of you, as does Kael'thas Sunstrider when he questions you on your training. Reluctant to give secrets away, Kael scolds you and demands loyalty. Varedis leaves but you tell him of your training. Kael is angry, realizing Illidan is teaching other great power he does not know; Kael'thas becomes jealous. As your training continues, Kael'thas continues to question and become increasingly angry with you, eventually sending his guards to seize, interrogate, and drain of power. Using your powers, you kill the guards and engage Kael'thas before he teleports away from you vowing he shall find true power, and that not even the strongest Demon Hunter would defeat his new master. Illidan finds you and wakes you, and when he learns you have been telling Kael of his lessons he goes crazy and attempts to collapse the room on you with magic. You escape in time, but guards from all over the Black Temple attack you, including your former classmates, and Varedis. Panicking, you use all your power and transform into a demon, and kill 3 of them, and escape into the wastes of Outland. You meditate to overcome your lack of demon magic, and slowly go insane. Soon, you sense a being of great power, one you knew before. Expecting Illidan or Kael'thas, you ready yourself, but a ragged and pale looking Alleria Windrunner steps out from the bushes of Terrokar Forest, and introduces herself, before recognizing you back when you were a High Elf living in Quel'thalas, in Windrunner village. She directs you to Shattrah City, and says that she cannot come with you, she was exiled when her addiction overpowered her and she did horrible acts against the light to satisfy her addiction. She vows that they will meet again, and dissapears. In Shattrah city, the Scryers welcome you and study you, teach you to control your addiction, and induct you into the Horde. After learning how to control yourself, you swear vengeance against your prince and master for trying to have you killed, you are the true power, and nothing can stop you!


Demon Hunters would use a resource similar to energy called Power, except it would not regenerate automatically over time. It would only regenerate from killing honourable opponents, or through using certain spells and abilities. It will also generate from dealing/taking damage, depending on your spec (See Talents). Power would degrade slowly over time while not in combat. Other spells and abilities will also generate Demonic Charges. Upon gaining 5 charges, the Demon Hunter will use Metamorphosis, transforming into a true demon with a unique model based off their talent spec for X seconds. Demonic charges will not decay normally, but upon transformation they will be consumed. They will also be consumed upon reaching 0 power while not in Combat.


A Demon Hunter's talents will fall into three specs, Finesse (Melee DPS), Flame (Tanking) and Darkness (More spell based DPS). Finesse would focus more on raw physical melee DPS, while flame would specialize in AOE tanking and parry attacks, while Darkness would focus on spells and confusing opponents, leading to fun and cunning gameplay for PVP.

Abilities IdeasEdit

Track Evil: Allows the Demon Hunter to track Undead and Demons.

Cursed Vision: Temporarily allows the Demon Hunter increased perception, allowing him to detect stealthed enemies. Generates 1 Demonic Charge. 3 Minute Cooldown.

Immolation: Drains 2 power per sec and does fire damage each sec to enemies surrounding the Demon Hunter. Upon activating Metamorphosis, this ability will activate automatically and not drain resources.

Siphon: A ranged channelled spell that drains the targets health and resource, removing X mana/energy/focus/rage/runic power. Generates 5 Power per second, and 1 demon charge if siphoning for atleast 4 seconds. Lasts 8 seconds.

Felfire: A cast time ranged spell that launches green felfire at a target, dealing X to Y damage and an additional Z damage over 12 seconds. If the target walks within 5 yards of another enemy of the Demon Hunter, the Felfire will spread to that target dealing X to Y damage and an additional Z damage over 12 seconds. Can only spread 3 times.

Spellbreaker: Reduces the effectiveness of all offensive abilites by X% for Y seconds.

Felblood: Inflicts X damage to the Demon Hunter to inflict high damage to all enemies in an AOE around the demon hunter, also reducing their armor and dealing damage over time for X seconds afterwards. In Demonform, this ability will not damage the Demon Hunter and release a wave of fire instead of blood, in a larger AOE. Generates 1 Demon Charge. 30 Second cooldown.

Metamorphosis: Transforms the Demon Hunter into his demon form increasing armor by 100%, increasing his resistances towards all schools of magic by X, and increasing damage done and health by 25%, making the demon hunter much more powerful for a short duration. Upon transforming, the Power bar will automatically be set to 100%. The appearance of Metamorphosis would change depending on how the Demon Hunter is specced, along with Metamorphosized abilties and weaknesses. For Finesse, Demon Form could appear similar to a Succubus and attack speed would be increased. For Flame, a Doom Guard or Infernal, with greater armor and health bonuses. For Darkness, a Dreadlord with reduced cast times.

Bladedance: Channelled. Deals damage to enemies in a cone in front of the Demon Hunter, but the Demon Hunter cannot move for 3 seconds while he does his acrobatic blade dance animation. Cannot be interrupted.

Curse of Demonsight: Inflicts the Curse of Demonsight on a target, blurring their vision and increasing their chance to miss by X for Y seconds.

Gambit: A high damage attack that can be used to initiate combat, charging towards a target but also leaving the Demon Hunter vulnerable while charging. A finesse ability, this would be a basic spell for closing distance. Generates 25 Power and 1 Demonic Charge. 15 Second cooldown.

Deception: A darkness ability, the Demon Hunter would teleport to his enemy and surround him with illusions, while casting a spell. The enemy will have to kill the right illusion to prevent the attack. During this spell, the Demon Hunter is immune to AOE. Would replace gambit if you choose Shadow.

Hew: The most simple level 1 ability, simply deals damage. With a spec though, it will have an additional effect, such as increased threat, reduced armor, or reduced movement and attack speed. Costs 20 Power.

Evade: Uses 25 Power to increases dodge and parry chance for 8 seconds. 2 Minute Cooldown.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Demon Hunters can duel wield.

  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Axes
  • Warglaives*
  • Leather Armor (similar to druid tanking gear)
  • There should be an incentive to encourage Demon Hunters to use Warglaives, to maintain the classic look of a Demon Hunter. Whether through the use of of an ability that transmogrifies the weapon in a Warglaive, or being able to transmogrify the appearance of a Warglaive onto any 1-handed weapon.

How It Will PlayEdit

Tanking: Flame

Survival would come not from absorbing blows but deflecting and dodging them. Abilities would focus on draining the life of enemies and healing the Demon Hunter. Power Generation would come from abilities (Generates X Power), taking a hit (Generates 1 Power) or evading an attack by dodging/miss/etc (Generates 3 Power). Threat Generation would also be increased and the sustained cost of Immolation would be reduced. Would have plenty of AOE spells, inspired by a mix of a Warrior and Mage.

Dps: Finesse

Would include a number of abilities that deal direct physical damage with weapons, and less abilities, in favour of abilities that allow you to quickly move and deal damage in quick burst while evade and biding your time. Would generate 2 power per strike, and 2 by evading an attack. Immolation damage would be increased. Inspired by a mix of Rogue and Warrior.

Dps: Darkness

Would focus on damage through spells more than melee, but would also include spells that confuse and interrupt opponents. Would generate more rage than other specs through abilities, and would also regenerate 1 power per auto-attack. This spec will allow the Demon Hunter to control and out think opponents, all the while playing with fun darkness and vision augmenting abilities.

Problems and WeaknessesEdit

The key weakness with in the Demon Hunter will be its Leather Armor which may not provide enough protection if dodge rate isn't high enough. A Demon Hunter can be defeated if it is hit hard enough, and all of his tricks, distractions, and defenses fail before the DH himself deals enough DPS to kill his opponent. Under focused assault, the Demon Hunter will be overwhelmed because he cannot deal with more than a few opponents at once before he is killed due to too many hits getting through his defenses at once, and also because he cannot curse every enemy with miss chances, blurry vision, etc.

Like a mage or rogue, he is essentially a glass-cannon, albeit a bit more durable and has a plethora of tricks and evasive abilities to keep him alive while his opponent is kept guessing and weakened. The Demon Hunter needs to be in control of the situation by initiating it himself with a plan. If he does reach metamorphosis stage, he can really be more direct and less cunning though with his extra HP and armor.

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