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NeutralNPCElite 32Manarah Bloodfist
Bigstackstwo ManarahBloodfist
Title <Judgment of the Sun>
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Level 80 Elite
Affiliation Shattered Sun Offensive
Position Shattered Sun Recruit-Captain
Location Traveler
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown
Mentor(s) A'dal

Manarah Bloodfist is a Blood Elf of the Shattered Sun Offensive faction. Terrorized by the many agonizing events that had been engraved upon his peoples' fate, he now follows the Shattered Sun to end the reign of the Deceiver; the one who has cursed many of his people, and caused his great leader to go insane. Manarah is the one who judges new recruits for entry into the Shattered Sun Offensive, and as such, he has been dubbed "Judgment of the Sun".

Childhood of Mystery

Manarah was born into a land of magic addicts who had made his life miserable. Manarah was raised in the darkest part of Silvermoon City; Murder Row. His parents had many jobs that they needed to survive in their poverty. For the most of his childhood, Manarah was led by Rashala Hawkreaver, a bandit of little more wealth than Manarah's family. They worried for his safety, but they had no other choice. Rashala taught Manarah much in the ways of the bandit, to search for food remnants and to steal from townsfolk. When Manarah was around the age of fifteen, Rashala was kidnapped by a mob, due to unpayed debt. Manarah went searching for him, and found the mob torturing Rashala near a troll village in what is now the Ghostlands. They locked him up and taunted him by slowly shoving the cage toward the village. Manarah grabbed a rusted claymore from one of the mob's bags on the ground. He then stealthily ambushed a member, striking him down. He was met with a adult Blood Elves far more powerful than a regular teenager. With much difficulty, Manarah managed to parry their every attack. The mob leader had known what Manarah's plans were, and thrust his dagger into the spine of Rashala. This angered Manarah and caused him to lose his focus. He was knocked unconscious by one of the Blood Elves' hammers. Manarah awoke nearby Silvermoon City, at first unaware of where he was. He then realized it, and then questioned why he was not dead. While standing up, Manarah had ripped off a note stuck to his back, reading "You are not worth the trouble."

Finding the Light

With Rashala dead, and nobody to take care of him, Manarah's parents believed him to be of age to work for the family. Manarah became an initiate of Champion Bachi, a well reknowned paladin of the city. Bachi sensed the suffering in Manarah's eyes, and knew that he needed justice within. Bachi let Manarah train with the other paladin trainees as one of his pupils. Manarah had finally learned to be a righteous being, disallowing his anger to cloud his judgment. Manarah had finally been bathed in the holy knowledge of justice.

Shattered Sun Offensive

After turning 125, Manarah had acquired all of the training he required to be a righteous force of reckoning. He had proved to be an invaluable captain of Kael'thas. He followed Kael'thas far and wide, and was one the captains captured by Garithos. He had gone far, and followed Kael'thas to Outland, and became one of his champions there, helping well in the taking of Tempest Keep. However, after a great amount of time, a meeting was created to rebel against Kael'thas. Manarah joined in the conversations, and recalled much of Kael'thas's actions ever since entering Outland. He had realized that Kael'thas was indeed a leader that would bring their people doom. He joined the Scryers in marching to Shattrath City, dropping his weapon in A'dal's presence. Hated by the Aldor, he was disappointed in such. When word of Kael'thas's death had arrived, Manarah wept for days. However, Kael'thas had announced himself still alive, and in Kil'jaeden's service. Manarah soon blamed Kil'jaeden for corrupting Kael'thas's mind all along. Manarah was one of the people to start an offensive that would unite the Aldor and Scryers. This is the Shattered Sun Offensive.

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