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AllianceNPC 32Bigstaxtwo (in life), Plagueblade (currently)
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Character class Death Knight
Affiliation The Ebon Blade Offensive
Position Leading the Ebon Blade Offensive
Location Shadow Vault, Icecrown Citadel
Status Alive
Relative(s) Bigstackstwo (Brother)

In LifeEdit

Night Elf DK 2

In life, Bigstaxtwo was a successful Druid. He was a champion of the Night Elves and was respected by all. He would destroy any enemies that he was ordered to destroy. He was seemingly the perfect Druid. Bigstaxtwo spent much time in Hyjal after the Battle of Mount Hyjal. He would tend to the tree and heal it in any way possible. Bigstaxtwo was soon called to fight in the Blasted Lands after he heard that the Burning Legion were seeping into Azeroth from the recently opened Dark Portal.

Bigstaxtwo destroyed many demons and allowed the Alliance to gain a foothold at the Outland side of the Dark Portal. Bigstaxtwo could not fight the Pit Lord ruling the army at the portal, however, as he was ordered to fly to Shattrath. Bigstaxtwo was called in to attack Tempest Keep, and soon Black Temple. In order to enter Tempest Keep, he was sent through many dungeons in Zangarmarsh and Terokkar Forest for a key to enter Kael'thas's part of Tempest Keep, and as soon as he finished those, he gathered many adventurers and lead them to kill Kael'thas Sunstrider and Illidan Stormrage.

As soon as he finished them off, he heard of Kil'jaeden arriving from the Sunwell. He did not even go there for two reasons. The first reason is that it helped Blood Elves, he hated Blood Elves very much. The second reason is that adventurers found out already and were headed there quickly. Bigstaxtwo was sent to the one place that could challenge his wrath, Northrend. Bigstaxtwo waited there and helped make Alliance towns to settle in. After a while, the rest of the Alliance arrived and Bigstaxtwo was ready to fight. Bigstaxtwo, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, and others headed to Angrathar the Wrathgate.

Bigstaxtwo fled when the Forsaken arrived and tried to urge the others, but they wouldn't listen. Bigstaxtwo then fled the scene hoping to make it out alive. Unfortunately, the Lich King was smart enough to keep an army of Scourge on the pathway, so if any escaped him, the army would kill them.

Bigstaxtwo fought them valiantly but in the end fell from exhaustion and was killed. The Lich King arrived at his corpse a few moments after the Red Dragons left. He knew Bigstaxtwo had great power, so instead of just turning him into another Ghoul, he raised him as a Death Knight.




After he was raised, Bigstaxtwo was sent with many other trainee Death Knights to train in the necropolis, Acherus, which was moving to the Eastern Plaguelands. Bigstaxtwo looked down at the Plaguelands from the top of the necropolis, when he was ordered by the Lich King to find Instructor Razuvious and learn the ways of the Death Knight. Bigstaxtwo may have been under the iron will of the Lich King, but he still had retained much of his experience and expertise.

He learned the ways of the Death Knight exceedingly fast and was a big help on scouring Havenshire and the Scarlet Enclave of the living. After using a Frost Wyrm to rid the area of the Scarlet soldiers, Bigstaxtwo headed to Light's Hope Chapel to help Darion and the other Scourge Death Knights beat the Argent Dawn. They were unsuccessful, and after losing, a vision of Darion Mograine and Alexandros Mograine showed up, and Darion regained his will, though still a Death Knight, and made an unsuccessful attack on the Lich King.

After many words, the Lich King fled from Tirion Fording hitting him with the Ashbringer, and Bigstaxtwo, Darion Mograine, and the rest of the Acherus inhabitants (besides Orbaz Bloodbane, who fled during the Battle for Light's Hope) created a new order against the Lich King, naming themselves Knights of the Ebon Blade.

The Lich King left many Scourge, including Patchwerk, in Acherus, but Bigstaxtwo killed them with the help of some other Ebon Blade Champions. They claimed Acherus for the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and Bigstaxtwo was sent to King Varian Wrynn to give him a letter notifying the Death Knights' presence and that they are former heroes and should be accepted into the Alliance as friends. Bigstaxtwo is currently gaining experience in Outland. Bigstaxtwo currently wishes to be called Plagueblade.

Bigstaxtwo in front of Scourge flag.

Bigstaxtwo as a Scourge Initiate

File:Night Elf DK with beard.jpg


0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

As the Cataclysm has come to shake Azeroth to its foundations, Plagueblade has advanced his endless journey from Outland onto Northrend, still gaining combat experience against the remaining enemy forces residing on the continent.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Member of the ScourgeEdit

"We shall ravage this land. We will create an army so vast, the Alliance and Horde will cringe in fear as we force the hand of undeath upon them.

"For the Scourge! Jeez, how original..."

"I am Bigstaxtwo. I will convert my brother into our order, and soon, non shall be a challenge to the Scourge!"

"My brother is a fool to trust in Druidic magics. Yes, I WAS a fool, but no longer! I am far more intelligent! I see the world for exactly what it is now! Druidic magic is what lead me to my death. Shadow magic, however, will lead me to power!"

"A soul a day keeps the Paladin away."

Member of the Knights of the Ebon BladeEdit

"The Lich King will be executed for his actions!"

"Revenge isn't a priority. We must be patient and intelligent approaching this case."

"I've yet to re-unite with my brother, but I'll find him... some day.

"Yes, Bigstaxtwo is indeed a unique name. I'll give you the knowledge that the "big stacks" are of money. However, my name is spelled with an "x", because my brother's name is spelled with a "cks." My father's name is like my brothers, but without the "two."

"The Knights of the Ebon Blade will not falter."

"Tirion Fordring is truly only something we've seen before. A paladin who believes the "Light" will lead us to victory. You cannot rely on such foolish ideas."

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