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I'm mainly into spellcasting classes (and this is where I'll focus my attention on here), and I love to do some numbercrunching and theorycrafting. I strongly prefer PvP and group PvE over raid PvE.

My characters are two 80 Priests (APB Priest Shadow Magic /APB Paladin Holy , APB Priest Discipline /APB Priest Discipline ), an 80 Warlock (APB Warlock Affliction /APB Warlock Demonology ), an 80 Shaman (APB Shaman Elemental Combat /APB Shaman Restoration ), an 80 Mage (APB Stat Intellect /APB Mage Fire ), an 80 Paladin (APB Paladin Protection /APB Paladin Protection ), a 79 Death Knight (APB Deathknight Unholy /APB Deathknight Blood ), a 76 Druid (APB Druid Balance /APB Druid Restoration ), and a bunch of alts.

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