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  • I live in Stratholme
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  • My occupation is Paladin
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AllianceNPC 32Beronos Truthbearer
Title Crimson Garde of the Scarlet Sigil, Commander of the Argent Crusade and Champion of the Argent Tournament
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level  ?? (Boss)
Character class Paladin, Crusader,
Affiliation Argent Dawn, Argent Crusade, Alliance, Scarlet Crusade
Position Paladin of the Alliance
Location Stratholme, Stormwind City, Northrend
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Garrus Truthbearer, Uther the Lightbringer (Very Brief), Dathran Eranor
Student(s) Erlan
Comp(s) Squire Peter (Argent Squire), Tyrius (Black Stallion Bridle)
Alignment Lawful Good

Beronos Truthbearer Edit


Beronos was once a very ambitious and run in first and ask questions later, however over his life he has learnt many lessons and now he almost gives off an aura of Calm. Although never hesitating to fight, he also does not look for a fight where he believes their doesnt need to be one. He will also definatly lend a listening ear for anyone who needs someone to talk to. In his old age however he has often been overlooked for dutys and so he has resorted to drinking a lot of ale in his spare time and sometimes can drink too much and a mess can be made. Apart from that however, he radiates an aura of wisdom, courage and is considered a true hero of the Alliance.


Medium length hair which is gray in colour showing straight off that time has not been kind to him. He also has a very well trimmed beard which he has had since as long as he can remember. The combination of these styles gives the impression of a neatly trimmed and well educated individual rather than 'just another thug'. Beronos tries to keep himself tidy for just this reason and therefore is very rarely seen in any ragged pieces of clothing and in the very best clothes made from Dalaran when he is not in his armour.

In regards to his armour he is often wearing plain steel plate and his Argent Crusade officar helmet and tabard which signify's that he is in the Argent Crusade and of the rank of Commander within the order. Aswell as this he wears a snow white cloak with a Lordaeronic Pin which also shows that he is from Lordaeron, the Kingdom lost to the Forsaken when Arthas Menethil betrayed his people and served Ner'Zhul.

He often carries a massive mace or sword, as he has always trained with heavier weapons rather than a sword and shield. However during his earlier years he served as a Holy Paladin and during that period he wielded a hammer and shield however, his healing days are over and therefore he usually wields two-handed weapons.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Born and raised in the great city of Stratholme, Beronos was born to the noble family of Truthbearer, a family of Lordaeron Knights who have long been forgotten in time and all who remember are either Forsaken or Dead during the Purge of Stratholme. His Mother Delitrius Truthbearer died in giving birth to him. Leaving his Father Garrus Truthbearer to bring him up and teach him about the life of a Nobleman in the house of Truthbearer.

At the age of 10 Beronos was taken on as a Squire to a young Knight named Balardor Brighthammer a Holy Paladin and a healer in the Order of the Silver Hand. Over the years he served his master by carrying his equipment to and from the battles, cleaning the Equipment and being taught the ways of a Holy Paladin from him by either watching him in combat or learning the theoretical ideas behind the powers Why you should use your Powers and for what reasons).

Eventually at the age of 18 he became too old to be a Squire and was taken on in full time training in the Capital and he learnt to be a paladin from Galath Sunblade, a High Elf paladin who moved to the Capital at request of the King to teach the young Paladins. Over the years he learnt the ways of wielding the light and the code of the Paladins. To never abandon the Weak and defend those who cannot defend themselves. It was at this time he found his true belief in the Light and he allowed it (rather blindly) to guide his life to whatever end.

The Second and Third War Edit

After many years he finally became a fully fledged paladin and took his father's position as a Knight of Lordaeron and served in the Campaigns against the horde and Scourge during the Second and Third War. It was during these campaigns that he found a love for the world and it was then that he promised he would explore Azeroth to its extreme limits when the battling was over and he would settle down and make a family for himself in the Town of Darrowshire in the South.

It was not to be however for when the Scourge arrived in Lordaeron all soldiers were needed to fight them off and so he followed the call and he went where he was needed and because of that he saw many legends such as Arthas Menethil, Tirion Fordring, Uther the Lightbringer and possibly the greatest of them all... The Ashbringer.

However misfortune hit Beronos, for the one he held so high - who he would have followed to death before then - Arthas Menethil ordered him and his fellow paladins to help him purge his home of Stratholme. He followed this command and was forced to kill his family and friends including his father who had brought him up and taught him the ways of a noble and to see his father look at him in fear destroyed him and left him scarred for the rest of his life... It was the last time he followed Arthas and the last time he followed a Menethil.

The Scarlet Crusade Edit

Beronos the Scarlet

In pure rage he joins the cause of the Scarlet Crusade.

Beronos then out of Pure Rage join the Scarlet Crusade who offered him power and told him that they would retake Lordaeron no matter the cost and being the usual blind faithed paladin he joined without asking questions, serving under the corrupt leaders that lead them. Over the years he learnt new ways to use his powers, ways which would gain him power and strength and he used this Power for many years until one day a Scarlet Crusader opened his eyes. His name 'Dathran Eranor', he convinced Beronos to join him in forming another order of the Scarlet Crusade 'The Scarlet Sigil'.

After many years of service under Dathran he grew in Rank and was given more responsiblities and also trained himself in the physical comabt of a Paladin, leading him to the fighting styles of the Retribution Paladins instead of the Holy Paladin ways he was before. He eventually was granted the Highest rank possible without a Scarlet leader dieing. A Crimson Garde. He was tasked with the defence of the Highlord himself and was one of four others who did this job. Also he was knighted and made an Honourbound of the Scarlet Sigil making him a Knight of the Scarlet Crusade furthering his Status.

However over time the ranks began to lose strength and the men who had once followed so eagerly left the order and with it the order died leaving Beronos once again with nothing but the Weapons he carried.

The Plagueland Years Edit

Killing of a cult

He fought undead and those who would harbour them wherever he could

Recently he took it upon himself to purge the undead in the Plaguelands. For years he wandered the Plaguelands looking for more undead to take revenge on. However the undead layed a trap for him and his new found friend Brazenbrook Blackhammer, they attacked in countless numbers and were almost overwhelmed and only Brazenbrook made it out before they closed the gates.

Beronos stood and fought for hours but eventually he lost strength and almost died, however at the last second a bright light came before him and the undead fell to the ground. His Father had sacrficed his soul to save his Son. It was then that he closed his eyes, and didnt open them again until it was three days later and there was not a soul in sight around him. Not even the undead corpses lay there.

Return and The Argent Crusade Edit

After returning to Stormwind he gave up the Life of a Scarlet, finding it far too difficult working as the only Scarlet in a city where hatred is rife. He therefore chose a different path - The Argent Crusade. He quickly rose in the ranks as the Officars recognised his experience and they granted him the rank of Lieutenant Commander and proclaimed him Crusader of the Argent Crusade. From there he marched with them to Northrend to help them clear up what remained of the Scourge after the fall of Arthas, The Lich King. He has now returned to Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands working to restore Lordaeron to its former Glory.

Summary Edit

Beronos Truthbearer is an Argent Crusader who is currently stationed in Darkshire after serving in Northrend. He is a veteran of both the Second and Third War and a patriot of Lordaeron, his homeland. He is constantly trying to fight to reclaim his lost home and it never leaves his mind what Arthas did to his people.

Born in Stratholme, he grew in a noble family and since the age of 18 he has served the light (in what way or another) and he has spent his years moving from one order to another starting with the Knights of Lordaeron, Scarlet Crusade, Scarlet Sigil and finally the Argent Crusade. Therefore he heralds a great knowledge of the mindset of the more misguided paladins of Azeroth who through what they see as good turns out as evil acts. He had a Wife and Son in Lordaeron however both were killed during the Third War. This has affected him greatly and he has sworn to himself that he will never forget.

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The Scarlet Sigil A red call to arms

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