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Benser has been playing since WoW for a long time, though has taken long breaks since he first started. The character he consider's his main at the moment, is Xivik his tanking paladin. No matter what he says, he has always wanted a tanking character, and to join the horde. He was glad to hear Paladins could make viable tanks when he discovered that Blood Elves could not be warriors. He had only joined the horde when TBC was released, due to the fact he thinks all other horde races make butt-ugly warriors.

He incredibly hates Druids and Warlocks. Both playing them and fighting them, and hearing of their daring deeds. But he is far too much of a good soul to be mean to anyone for playing a class he does care much for. His best friend plays a warlock. He also believes everyone is entitled to play any character they want and any spec they want. As long as their spec is efficient enough to get the job they are trying to do done ;D Bring on the Resto Rogues and Tanking Shammies.


Server - Aggramar EU

Xivik - Level 70 Blood Elf Paladin - Protection Spec.


Theorycrafting - Learning about the mathmatical mechanics of WoW, Knowing ratings conversions(I.E. 2.5 Defense rating for 1 point of defense @ lvl70), statistically related equations(Calculating the amount of damage each melee swing will gain from an amount of AP) and other such boring jibber jabber, off the top of his head. Especially those that relate to defense or tanking. Writing up attack tables to pass the time.

Things I am learning at the moment

How the hell you compare the DPS of a 2h weapon to that of 2 different 1 handed weapons for dual wielding. I understand how to compare them if the 1 handed weapons are the same, but what if they are not? An average DPS to be used in the equation based on the 2 weapons DPS? Or even Averaging the 2 weapons low and high end damage, then calculating the DPS via the average weapon speed so as to turn the 2 1 handed weapons into an averaged 1 handed weapon which could be used to calculate the dual wielded DPS if the 2 weapons were the same.

Think i'll figure out more when i've got that sorted.

  • Turns out, I can simply add the minimum and maximum damage of a weapon together and divide that by 2 to get the weapons average damage (hell alot easier than what I was doing =P), which can be used with weapons speed to calculate dps. DPS helped me figure this out. It also showed how to add magic damage to melee dps, such as the 1-5 ice damage the Iceblade Hacker causes. by simply adding those 2 amounts to the weapon damage aswell. then dividing by 2. Im sure this method can be used to figure out the dps of 2 1 handed melee weapons.

I Wrote some information including formulas on this, it can be found Here

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