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Information taken from User:Benser. I thought what I had written might be of use. So I recorded it here.

How the hell do you compare the DPS of a 2h weapon to that of 2 different 1 handed weapons for dual wielding. I understand how to compare them if the 1 handed weapons are the same, but what if they are not? An average DPS to be used in the equation based on the 2 weapons DPS? Or even Averaging the 2 weapons low and high end damage, then calculating the DPS via the average weapon speed so as to turn the 2 1 handed weapons into an averaged 1 handed weapon which could be used to calculate the dual wielded DPS if the 2 weapons were the same.

Think I'll figure out more when I've got that sorted.

  • Turns out, I can simply add the minimum and maximum damage of a weapon together and divide that by 2 to get the weapons average damage (hell a lot easier than what I was doing =P), which can be used with weapons speed to calculate dps. DPS helped me figure this out. It also showed how to add magic damage to melee dps, such as the 1-5 ice damage the Iceblade Hacker causes. by simply adding those 2 amounts to the weapon damage as well. then dividing by 2. I'm sure this method can be used to figure out the dps of 2 1 handed melee weapons.

Going to write a formula here actually: (I am not going to integrate any talent based modifiers)

A = Main hand top damage
B = Main hand low damage
C = Main hand attack speed
X = Main hand weapon DPS
(( (A + B) / 2) * C) = X
D = Off hand top damage
E = Off hand low damage
F = Off hand weapon speed
Y = Off hand DPS
((( (D + E) / 2) / 2) * F) = Y
  • Adding the two damage values together and dividing by 2 gives the average weapon damage, but they are further divided by 2 due to the off-hand penalty.

The above formulas would give you the DPS of the weapons you wielded, if you had 0 AP and no damage modifying talents. But, I don't know if you can figure out your combined weapon DPS by simply adding them together. So, I shall make up an example;

Warrior, no talents. Without weapons or gear equipped, 200 AP.

Dual wielding 2 swords:

Inv sword 23

As can be seen, we already know the DPS.

To figure out the DPS as im going to do, I will need to add the 2 swords DPS' together. Then figure out the DPS contribution from AP.


X = Main hand weapon DPS
Y = Off hand weapon DPS( /2 )
 ((X + Y) = T) | ((300 + 150) = 450.0 DPS) 

Calculating total AP (For a warrior): (Strength x 2) + AP from weapons/gear) I've already stated this warrior has 200 AP unbuffed, so an extra 80 from the 2 swords brings him to 280.

The amount of DPS gained from AP is AP divided by 14;

 (AP / 14) = J | (280 / 14) = 20 
J = DPS Gained from Attack Power(From Strength/Agil/Attack Power)

So, his main hand weapon gains 20.0 DPS, and his off-hand gains 10.0 (50% off-hand penalty)

So, now we have a main hand weapon DPS of 320.0 and an off-hand DPS of 160.0.

This means the answer to our X + Y equation is (T =)480.0 DPS. But this isnt the final DPS. We can still apply a miss chance modifier. For dual wielding, you incur (Against an opponent your level) a 24% chance to miss penalty. (5% base chance to miss, + 19% for dual wielding). This means, that if we say Q = Chance to hit modifier...

Q = 0.76 (76% chance to hit)
F = Finally got the end DPS =P
 ((T * Q) = F) | ((480.0 * 0.76) = 364.8 DPS) 

Alright, so if we simply added the DPS together, we get 364.8 DPS. What if we used values of the 2 weapons to make a single DPS for the 2 weapons combined?

I believe the formula would look something like this:

 [((A + B) + ((D + E) / 2))] * [((C + F) / 2)] = T? 

Example using Example Sword (See above)

 [(((100 + 200) + ((100 + 200) / 2)) / 2)] * [((2.00 + 2.00) / 2)] 
 [((300 + (300 / 2)) / 2)] * [4.00 / 2] 
 [450 /2] * [2.00] = 450 

I am almost glad that T is the same with both this formula and the above formula, as they are both figuring out the same thing. =) But, I can still not be sure if this method works, as I used the same stats for both weapons. And, I do not even know if the DPS I have ended up with is correct.

But really, this means a basic dual wielding DPS formula would look like this:

 (((X + Y) + J) * 0.76) = F 

And for those who care to see the same for a 2 handed weapon:

 (X + J) * 0.95 = F 

But don't forget, these formulas are correct only for players fighting things their own level with no modifiers to damage % or hit chance.

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