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Inkilzar, Son of Corrovin Edit

Inkilzar is a Draenei Warrior, affiliated with the Alliance. He is currently at Northrend, fighting the Scourge.

Description Edit

Massive. He is huge, even for a Draenei which is known to be a larger race as it is. Standing seven and a half feet tall he is rather massive in size and stature. His arms like medium sized tree trunks as he still moves with the grace and power of a heavily trained fighter.

Personality Edit

A serious warrior. The poor lad lacks a decent sense of humor. Most of the human jokes still go over his rather bald and shiny head. He is a good person deep down. Violent and bloody as he enjoys the art of combat immensely which is unusual for a Draenei as the race usually views themselves more as Peace Keepers then fighters. He is extremely loyal to the Flames of Lordaeron and would give up his life for them.

His Past to Present Edit

Inkilzar was born soon after the Oshu'gun settled into the land known as Nagrand on Draenor. His mother and father were both warriors and body guards as it was their family position. Appointed specifically. The Blade Slingers of Corrovin were the only ones trained in such extreme fighting arts. He grew up helping the Draenei fend off the Gronn. Helped build and establish Shattrath where he lived with his family after it was built on the border of Nagrand and what would become known as Terokkar Forest.

The battle at Shattrath was hard fought and a serious defeat for the Draenei against the forces of Gul'dan and his Fel Orc army. Inkilzar, and his parents, Urochai and Sarei, helped many refugees escape the city as they sought solace in the forests of Zangarmarsh. Then they switched gears and helped more refugees north to what is now known as Netherstorm to Tempest Keep where they boarded the Exodar with so many other Draenei as the Naaru gave them away to escape. Little did they know that Kael'thas Sunstrider's Sunfury Blood Elves had already sabotaged the vessel and in the middle of the transdimensional jump to Azeroth the engines shut down and instead of landing near the human lands in the Eastern Kingdoms the giant portaling vessel slammed into Azuremyst Isle off the coast of Teldrassil, the new World Tree.

Like all the rest of the Draenei he had to prove himself to the Alliance races that traveled to Azuremyst to see these strangers from another world. After showing the Alliance that they are here to help the Draenei started aiding them in their efforts against the Burning Legion.

Joining the Shattered Sun, he found solace in a guild called the Flames of Lordaeron. A guild dedicated to the preservation of the Alliance who's main focus was ridding the world of The Lich King and his Scourge. During his time with them. Inkilzar lost a fiance, and his parents to the Scourge. A Draenei Death Knight known as Altruis Paha has a vendetta against Inkilzar for a reason still unknown to him to this day.

Inkilzar's faith in the Holy Light and the Naaru has been shaken time and again, so much, that he has turned his back on it entirely. After seeing what he has seen in Northrend. Especially the land known as Icecrown, he has given his services to the Knights of the Ebon Blade as a tactician and was given an honorary title of Warlord as he aids them in their efforts to avenge themselves upon The Lich King.

He is known as the Blade Slinger as he wields to massive two handed swords. He has many titles as he has fought on many battlefronts. His highest honors are the following:

Hero of the Stormpike Guard, Hero of the Shattered Sun Offensive, Hero of the Sha'tar, Hero of the Violet Eye, Hero of the Aldor, Exalted of Stormwind, Exalted of Ironforge, Exalted of Darnassus, Exalted of Exodar, and Exalted of Gnomeregan Exiles.

He is an Ambassador of the Alliance.

Inkilzar continues to fight alongside the Flames of Lordaeron as a black sheep to the Draenei as he rarely ever visits the Exodar, nor does he pay homage to any of the Naaru as he believes the only true faith that will save him is to his own swords and his friends and allies at his side.

Inkilzar's love life is non-existant. After losing a fiance to death, and a wife to undeath he has pretty much given up. He accuses the Light of taking the chances for love away from him.

OOC Information Edit

-Assume that Inkilzar is in character unless otherwise stated. Is always out of character automatically in party chat, ooc channels, and raid chat. To indicate out of character in /say he uses Parenthesis to dictate ooc speech.

-Likes to stick to lore as much as possible.

Disclaimer: This character is not a lore character and is not cannon to World of Warcraft or any other Blizzard title. This is a user character and all information written above was fabricated by the user and not to be confused with any property owned by Blizzard.

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