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Profession Skill Level
   Cooking 0
   First Aid 262
   Fishing 0
   Riding 75
   Tailoring 0
   Engineering 0
Bebak photo

Retired from the military due to disbandment of his squadron after the invasion and downfall of Gnomeregan, Eyeal Bebak took up the study of arcane arts along with a tankard of ale. When he isn't fishing at Crystal Lake, flirting with young Gnomettes, or drinking copius amounts of alcohol amongst friends in the taverns of Stormwind, Eyeal Bebak earns a living through expeditions and adventures.

In his younger years, Eyeal and his contemporaries in 617 Squadron were reknowned for being heart throbs to young Gnomettes. The 617 Squadron even featured in a yearly pin-up calendar with assorted sordid photographs. Due to this character shaping time in his life, Eyeal Bebak will often act as a casanova when in the presence of Gnomettes.

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Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake

  • 617 Squadron was a regiment of Gnomish Flying Machine pilots in the Gnomeregan Military.
  • Eyeal Bebak was a pilot of a Gnomish biplane, one of the more modern flying machines.
  • Eyeal Bebak is a real player character on Argent Dawn (European roleplaying realm.)
  • Currently power-leveling myself, L36 in 2d 11hr, L41 in 3d 9hr, L44 in 4d 0hr 50min (Brewfest ;-)). And yes, I work.
  • Just found out after I decided Eyeal's history that engineers will get flying mounts in next patch - well timed! ;)
  • Currently unguilded - no intentions to guild up until I hit 70.

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