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HordeNPC 32Battlebones
Ghoul TCG
Title <Luukos's Folly / Soul Ghoul>
Gender Male
Race Ghoul
Level 58
Character class Death Knight
Affiliation Lower City
Location Sewers

Battlebones is a level 58 Death Knight located in the Sewers of the Undercity.

He is known for yelling at the enemies of Luukos!

Heed the Carrion Lord!! Luukos Comes!! Blood & Slaughter Follows! We Follows! We make juicy feast for Lord Luukos! On souls of enemies we feed! Feast of Feasts!! Feast for Luukos!! Know you now all to Luukos serve!! Be you loyal!! OR BE YOU MEAT!!!

Teach eyes Luukos' mark see! Teach hands Luukos' work do! Teach ears Luukos' words hear! Two Snakes be one!! Death's Worms see you!! Wisdom first; Wisdom of Blood!! Strength second; Strength of Slaughter!! Heed! Or Eyes, Hands, and Ears Loose You!!

Learn you of Luukos! Wait his claws your flesh to tear! Wait his teeth your bones to gnaw! Wait his tongue your secrets to taste! Wait for you he does! You of little heart, little brains! To we he comes as night on day! No shiny lies only dark truth!


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