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AllianceNPC 32Barrager
[[:File:[1]|Image of Barrager]]
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Paladin
Affiliation Alliance of Lordaeron, FifthSoF
Position Corporal of FifthSof
Location Unknown
Status Alive, currently serving with Alliance forces in Outland
Relative(s) Lord Kilas Kane(adopted father), Unknown Parents(Deceased during Arthas betrayal)
'This article contains information on 'Barrager' character player lore.'

Barrager the Pastry, Corporal of Fifth SoF and Knight of the Silver Hand, is one of many who answered the call, to serve with the Alliance forces in the ongoing Burning Crusade. He is voiced by Patrick Cullen.

Biography Edit

Barrager grew up in the farm lands of northern Lordaeron with his parents, who were both Paladins, serving with Prince Arthas. During the events of the princes betrayal, both his parents were killed. Though they sacrafised their lives for their longtime friend, Lord Kiras Kane.

After the loss of his parents and the fall of Lordaeron, Lord Kiras took Barrager as his adoptive son and raised him within the walls of Stormwind. Raising him and training him in becoming a paladin like Kiras and his parents.

Knight Of The Silver Hand Edit

When he became of age, in front of all his peers and friends, Barrager was blessed and inducted into the newly rebuilt Order. As part of his training, Barrager was sent to assist in help in the defence of the last Lordaeron port of Southshore from falling during a Horde led attack.

Early Adventures Edit

Epic paladin

After proving himself and meeting his new friend Marcus, he was now posted with honour guard duty for Stormwind and the local areas protection.

Answering the call to arms at the portal Edit

More to come

In World of WarcraftEdit

A purple flowering plant is named after the dark Prince: "Arthas' Tears." The petals from this plant were thrown in celebration when Arthas returned home to Lordaeron (which can still be seen before entering The Undercity), which is perhaps where the name is taken from. A potent alchemical concoction made from these flowers is also named after him, the "Gift of Arthas".

The (as yet) uncorrupted Prince Arthas will appear in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, in the Culling of Stratholme wing of the Caverns of Time. The player will accompany him through the town as he kills its plagued population.

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