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Quest OverviewEdit

When working to complet this quest you will need to gather a few items. On of them being Uber Herb. An herb that you may not know requires a skill over well over 300 to pick and can only be found in the middle of Zul'G. Once you have gathered 42 of the Uber Herb you will then beable to take them to the Herb Brotherhood to gain faction so that you might gain the recipe to make Uber Mojo

Items NeededEdit

WoWWiki:Itemexample WoWWiki:Itemexample Some odd ball text just to test what will hapen if I type here. Now on this line what happens?

Notes on the exampleEdit

First off you now know why Blizzard doesn't hire me to write there quests and one of the flaws in the layout of the item example is clear to me. Mostly the way it displays more than one at a time. I had hoped for them to be next to each other. And now that I look at it rather than link to Allakhazam or Thottbot on the item info it would be better to just link to an article here about the item. The only reason I had thought about linking off site was simply because for some items there is know way WoWWiki will ever keep up with the info about drop percentages and from whom items drop the way Alla and Thot can.

Okay fixed the problem with displaying below each other...I forgot I had added {{clr}} so the end of the Itemexample so I took that out and it works like I would have hoped it would work now.

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