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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


Matsujin's funeral.

Spiritual Leader Matsujin is Honored by Ceil Nightfuty and Attendees

Summary Edit

Following the defeat of Hakkar, Lakota Matsujin fell.

Matsujin's funeral was held in Stranglethorn Vale and hosted by Ceil. One after the next, friends and acquaintances of the great spiritual leader came forth to pay homage.

There was a slight bump in the ceremonies with cross-factional misunderstandings.

Somehow, Matsujin rose again.

Transcription of the speech that Degmarlee, Matsu'Jins closest friend, gave :

"The Loas have called to me, and only news such as this would bring me back to this world. But I shall speak the words of a great poet, the words spoken at the deaths of our great leaders.

They are the only words I have for Lakota Matsu'Jin, my brother.

You left the ground and sky weeping, Mind and soul, full of grief. No one can take your place in the world or the afterlife. And this sadness I feel has taken from us the gift of language, So forgive these words of sorrow which mourn you with bitter lament ;

The root of the tree has uprooted in anguish, The water of the sea has dried itself in the salty tears of lament. The Loas have seen all that have cried out to find you, Although you are no longer here. Like the star - You went like an arrow, And now the bow trembles and sobs."

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