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For Demon hunters in Warcraft III, see Warcraft III Units.
This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
Illidan Anim


The Demon Hunter was a night elf hero class from Warcraft III, though that is not the only race they are associated with. They use demonic energies to augment their combat skills, as well as having an inventory of spells, so they could be an effective hybird melee/magic class. As a hero class, could derive from Warrior or Rogue classes because of their positions as the most versetile melee classes, or Warlock and Mage classes for their arcane/shadow skills. As a rogue, they could rely on DPS to finish theyr fights fast, but could also use spells. Also, they could have a light armor, restricted to cloth, depending of parry and dodge more than a rogue, but with a great magic defense or even absorption to recover HP inseat of losig it.

Armor & wearponsEdit

A Demon Hunter could use cloth, or even a new kind of set, like magic armor. Should be light armor, and good against magic, especily shadow and arcane. THis could be contrabalanced with more stamina/HP than the other classes. A specific set could include arcane body tattoos, for chest, wist, shoulders and even gloves. Skirts or pants for legs, and a blindfold for head like Cursed Vision of Sargeras completing the set. as a hybrid DPS/arcane user, the demon hunter could make a good use of fast werapons, with some magic bonuses. Daggers, 1h Swords, 1H Axes and some specific type, like warglayves could be perfect to it.

Habilityes and TalentsEdit

Habilityes could include skills to incrase significantly the dodge and parry habilityes. Arcanes and Shadow spells, to incrase armor, to atack, or use like Imolation. The talent tree could be divided into dps/arcane/demonic, including the hability of demon form on the shadow tree. The rune system could be used for the demon hunter's habilityes, just like the Death Knight. Insteat of having runes on his wearpons would have on theyr armor, the arcane tattoos in his body. The demon hunter's runes could be changed to Arcane, Demon and Blood.


Demon Hunter as a Hero class, would be very good to play with, since it's a DPS/Spell user class, with low defense but good dodge/parry. Players could enjoy theyr time playing with it, and many would choose the demonic tree just becouse of the Demonic Form, possibly. A good limitation could be the race, restricted to Night elves for the alliance, and Blood Elfes, for the Horde, and maybe even extending to Humans, and Undeads (maybe?) to avoid restricting too much a heo class, and a superpopulation of elvens on the servers. the time to be added could be the same of the inclusion of Hyjal area, and in the end, is a good idea.

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